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The year 2020 has been really tough for all of us, especially parents. Parents are juggling many tasks at once, from managing work duties to homeschooling children. The lockdown has another serious impact on our lives, and that is excessive use of digital devices.

Perhaps the story of COVID-19 has not ended yet. Several countries worldwide have again imposed the lockdown to save the human population. Indeed, cell phones, tablets, and laptops have helped us through online learning and work-related activities. However, at the same time, digital devices have made us rely on the internet much more than before. Kids using social media to combat loneliness during the pandemic are a major concern for parents. Parents cannot forbid their kids from using cellular devices. Instead, they can control their kids’ digital space and educate them about the significance of cyber privacy.

Parental control apps have helped parents control their kids’ cell phone usage for many years. Today, we are going to review a leading parental control software TheWiSpy that is trusted by the majority of parents worldwide.

So, let us begin.

TheWiSpy App – What Makes TheWiSpy The Best Parental Control App?

TheWiSpy app is an android parental control solution to provide parents with easy and remote access to their kids’ devices. It offers a set of tools that empower parents to manage their children’s mobile and internet use.

We are living in the era of the modern revolution of technology. The cherry on top, the global pandemic, has increased the use of cell phones and the internet among kids. TheWiSpy app is the best android parental control app in the online market with quality features. It is a complete tool for parents who want to discover what is happening on the digital devices of their teenagers.

Google and other search engines receive tones of queries regarding how parents can spy on their teens’ phones. Well, there must be a solid reason behind such a concern. The online world is overfilled with cyber dangers, including bullying, predation, catfishing, etc. Now the trend of deep fakes has shaken online privacy. That is why parents need to look into the screens of their teens to protect them from online threats. TheWiSpy parental control features let parents monitor and control their juveniles’ cell phones and tablets with only a few clicks.

Let’s get more details about this parental monitoring app and see how it can help you secure your children online.

TheWiSpy Features – What It Can Do?

Right now, what we need is an efficient and reliable solution that parents can use to minimize cell phone addiction among their teens. Almost every single kid is somehow addicted to mobile devices. Parents are in some way responsible for such mobile dependence among children. At the same time, parents can be the digital guardian of their kids and save them from online dangers.

Here, TheWiSpy app comes to the rescue. It is an Android parental control app that not only helps you limit your kid’s mobile usage but also provides you access to his/her phone. Using TheWiSpy app, parents can watch their teen’s mobile activities remotely.

Here are the high-end parental control features of the TWS app:

Call Recording:

If you see your teen spending hours talking with someone over phone calls, it is time to know who is on the other side of the call. You can monitor phone calls with TheWiSpy app. It enables you to tape incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls.

TheWiSpy also helps you monitor call details such as contact name and number, call duration, dates, and timestamps. You can hear the call recordings remotely via an online dashboard.

Call Logs Monitoring:

Parents can now monitor frequent phone calls their kids dial or receive. Call logs monitoring of TheWiSpy is an elite feature that provides you access to your target device’s phone calls. TheWiSpy delivers extensive call logs details, including contact information, most frequent callers, call durations, dates, and timestamps.

SMS Tracking:

Sexting has become a usual activity among teens. If you want to monitor your kid’s text chats, nothing can help you better than TheWiSpy app. It secretly records all the text messages your kid’s device sends/receives. Not only this, the TWS app delivers comprehensive reporting on text message history. You can monitor text logs with contact information, dates, and timestamps, etc.

App Monitoring:

If you find your kid glued to cell phones and tablets, you must discover the app he/she uses on digital devices. Children are very prone to develop an addiction to mobile apps. So, if your child is becoming a couch potato, you have to monitor the app usage of his/her phone. TheWiSpy application monitoring helps you detect the frequently used apps of your child’s phone or tablet. It also lets you block inappropriate mobile apps from the target device. And guess what? You can block any app you want with remote commands.

GPS Tracking:

A parental control app is incomplete without a GPS tracking feature. TheWiSpy offers a location-based service. It can track GPS location of your teen’s phone. It helps parents find the exact location of their juveniles while they are outside. Moreover, the TWS delivers extensive reporting on location history, including routes taken and visited places etc.


It is an advanced feature of TheWiSpy app. Using TWS geo-fencing feature, parents can set restricted and unrestricted geographical boundaries on their kids’ devices. Geo-fencing alerts update parents about the active location of their children. In the case, kids enter a restricted region, TWS geo-fencing notifications alarm parents regarding their kids’ whereabouts.

Surround Recording:

TheWiSpy, as the best parental control app, delivers a high-end surround recording feature. If you don’t know about surround recording, let us help you understand it better. Surround recording is the activity of taping the background sounds surrounding your target device. Parents can now discover the social circle of their kids by listening to the ambient recordings secretly.

Other Features:

TheWiSpy parental control app offers 30+ features to control and monitor kids’ devices. Here is a glance at TWS top features for parental control and kids’ tracking.

  • Camera Control – To control camera activities and record videos plus capture photos using the target device’s camera.
  • Multimedia Monitoring – To help parents monitor the saved multimedia on their kid’s phone.
  • Screen Recording – To monitor mobile screens with remote access.
  • Voice Message Recording – To hear all the sent and received voice notes of the target device.
  • Keylogger – To monitor all the typed keystrokes of the target device.

Top Qualities of TheWiSpy Parental Control App:

TheWiSpy app is a power-packed software for parents who find it tough to manage their kid’s online space. Controlling your child’s exposure to digital devices and the internet is a tricky task if you rely on a bogus parental control app.

TheWiSpy has the following qualities that make it the best parental control app globally.

Remote Access: With an online dashboard, you can access your kid’s phone remotely.

24/7 Customer Support: TheWiSpy support team is available round the clock to answer all your queries and tech issues.

Android Compatibility: TheWiSpy is an Android-compatible app. This Android parental control app can manage Android devices and tablets like a pro. TheWiSpy Android monitoring app is the best choice among parents due to its amazing functionality.

Affordable Pricing: TheWiSpy Android parental control app, comes with very affordable pricing. You can get TheWiSpy Android monitoring app for just $9.99. The premium license of the TWS app starts at $29.99.

Easy Installation: Unlike other apps, TheWiSpy Android monitoring app is very easy to install. All you need is to follow the instructional manual that comes with this parental control app upon registration, and you are all set to enjoy its advanced features.


Which Parental Control App is the Best?
TheWiSpy Android, parental control app, is the best parental monitoring solution worldwide.

How Can I Monitor My Kid’s Phone without Him Knowing?
Yes, you can monitor your kid’s phone secretly with TheWiSpy parental control app.

Can I Control My Child’s Phone with an App?
Indeed. Parents can control screen usage of their children with TheWiSpy parental control app.

Is It Legal If I Monitor My Teen’s Phone?
Legally, parents can monitor their teen’s phone. If your child is underage (below 18 years), you can legally monitor his/her phone with TheWiSpy app.

How to Read Text Messages My Teen Sends or Receives?
To read the text messages of your teen’s phone, you need an advanced parental control app. We recommend you TheWiSpy app to monitor text messages on your teen’s phone.

TheWiSpy Parental Control App – Final Words:

Parents are most stressed over the excessive mobile usage of their children in the present times. The only way to control kids’ digital diet is by using a robust yet reliable parental control app. TheWiSpy is the most demanding Android parental monitoring software. We have tested the app for its popular features, and trust us, it certainly offers what it claims.

Give a shot to TheWiSpy parental control app and enjoy advanced monitoring with a few clicks.

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