Top 10 language translation apps for your trip to Portugal 


Travelling abroad often means a language challenge, especially if you’re going to a country where locals don’t speak English well. Sunny Portugal is one of these nations. 

Let’s say you’ve booked a 7-seater car hire at Faro Airport and are looking forward to a fun-filled trip. It’s really a great idea to hire a car in Faro, as having a set of wheels on hand gives you multiple benefits. Plus, the best car hire service options guarantee a hassle-free ride. 

However, the language barrier can ruin your hopes for a successful trip. After all, sometimes you need to ask locals about parking or the right route. What’s more, road signs written in Portuguese can also confuse you. What to do in this case? The answer is to download the translator to your smartphone. If you’re going on a Portuguese trip and crave easy on-the-go communication with locals, review the following top 10 travel translation apps and choose the right language assistant for yourself!

Google Translate 

Google’s famous translator has become the most popular language-converting solution. It offers a huge range of functions and covers all possible ways of reading information. Customers can type words by hand, use handwriting, point to the camera, open photos of text documents, or even dictate by voice. The application also allows you to activate a conversation mode, when each party speaks their own language, and the system immediately shows the translated text version. 

Microsoft Translator 

The convenient Microsoft Translator has received a well-designed interface and has become convenient for solving most language-related problems. Functionally, it resembles the service from Google and provides similar capabilities for extracting text for processing. For each word or expression, it offers several translated options at once to get the most accurate answer. 

The main difference from other services was the convenient chat for communication. You can invite participants from any country and communicate in their native languages. In this case, the app performs simultaneous translation with minimal delay.


If you’re looking for the best Portuguese translation apps, consider Reverso. It supports basic typing or voice input and can also extract text from photos. Reverso stands out from its competitors with its advanced translation technology. When analysing text information, the application takes into account the context. Moreover, smart algorithms are constantly learning and determining the nature of the entered data. At the same time, the translation history allows you to pin down the most suitable options with examples of use. 

Talking Translator 

The popular Android-powered program emphasises voice communication. It allows you to instantly get a translation of any spoken word, with support for almost 20 languages. Therefore, you will find it convenient to use in travel and business trips. 

The application also features a convenient dialogue mode, where the screen is divided into two parts and shows previously spoken phrases to your interlocutors. If a person wants to communicate by text, then you can enter phrases using the keyboard. What’s more, Talking Translator provides quick access from the notification panel. You just need to press one button to start translating someone else’s speech. Therefore, the application has become one of the best language converters.

DeepL Translate 

A simple DeepL translator is suitable for personal use while travelling, studying, or even working. It offers access to 26 languages, including Portuguese, but only supports manual text input using the keyboard. At the same time, the application gives several options for the meaning of any phrase. And from them, you will be able to choose the most suitable one. 

The most popular and common phrases can be added to favourites and later viewed in a separate section. The translator starts working already at the input stage. Therefore, each new word will only complement the meaning of the phrase.


“Let’s break language barriers. Together” is iTranslate’s motto, and the application fully lives up to it. Even voice translation works offline. The option of transliterating non-Latin characters significantly improves the life of travellers. As with all modern developments, you can convert text using a camera. This is a particularly useful feature if you are travelling in a rental car in Portugal and need to frequently recognize inscriptions and signs along the road. The bonus includes dictionaries, conjugation tables, a list of favourite expressions, and a phrase book. The keyboard extension only works on iOS. 


TripLingo is more than your average translation app. Apart from the usual language-related operation, it has many other features that make it an ideal travel companion. For starters, the app offers a collection of around 1,000 phrases across four different levels of local slang to help you talk like a local. Moreover, it also provides several important tools such as a tip calculator and a currency converter. If you want to practise, use the built-in tutorial with audio lessons, flashcards and quizzes to memorise words and phrases.


SayHi enters the list of the most convenient communication apps for tourists in Portugal. The built-in voice translator can focus on both your and your interlocutor’s speech. Its main advantage is free use – all services are available without a special premium subscription. There are no advertisements in the application either, which is a big advantage. SayHi processes text, voice recordings and spoken language in real-time mode. Automatic translation from the camera is also at your disposal. 

Speak & Translate 

Speak & Translate is a unique Android-powered software solution with automatic language detection that turns your mobile device into a simultaneous voice translator. The application allows you to easily communicate with locals and even conduct business negotiations in any country, including Portugal. Among the main features of the application are text display of dialogue phrases, widgets for faster access to the application, and the ability to customise recording quality.

Lingvanex Translator 

Lingvanex is a modern Portuguese-to-English and English-to-Portuguese translation solution that works with text, voice, audio, images, web pages, and even documents. The application has a built-in dictionary with many alternative translations and meanings of words. Also, you can share your translated text with your friends through other applications. 

So, consider our Portugal travel language guide apps to remove communication barriers on your trip. Opt for a program that meets your requirements and install it on your smartphone before you go!

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