Top 10 Small Business Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

It is impossible to gain financial independence by working for someone: be it a factory, plant or company. As proof of this, you can try to calculate how many years you have to work in some institution in order to buy a luxurious house, a car, or travel wherever and whenever you like. It seems that a lifetime is not enough for this. Therefore, now many are thinking about opening a small business in order to ensure a comfortable existence. In this article, you will learn about useful tools for small businesses.

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You should not hope that having opened your own business you will immediately be able to lie on the beach all day. On the contrary, running your own business requires even more effort than being hired. Many tasks will lie on your shoulders: organizing and establishing the process, making responsible decisions, communicating with various organizations. Skills in the financial, strategic, marketing and legal fields and tools such as timetastic will be required. You will be hiring skilled managers consulting top fractional cfos or going to famous lawyers.

Only those who are able to act decisively will be able to achieve success in their work. Therefore, the owner of his own business works for himself. He is the master of his life. The businessman himself decides how much to work, where to work, and with whom to work.

If you do everything right, then there will come a time when you can delegate all the main tasks and free up time for life. This can be considered complete financial freedom. You will be a free person who enjoys the pleasures of life to the fullest. You will be able to raise children, provide them with a happy future, help the poor, travel to various parts of our planet. And most importantly, you will have the opportunity to buy whatever you wish for yourself and your children, choose only the best.

Small Business Tools

SE rating

If you know the importance of SEO but don’t have the skills to do so, SE Ranking will come in handy. With the help of this service you will be able to study this complex and extensive art. This tool will help you not only conduct basic keyword research, but also perform a comprehensive site audit that will illuminate even the most hidden corners. If you’re in need of an SEO assistant, SE Ranking is a great fit for the role.


Not everyone is a grammar expert, but we must always appear professional to our clients. Misprints in marketing materials can cause contempt from the target audience. With the help of Grammarly, you will avoid such unpleasant situations. The tool will underline all errors in red.


FreshBooks is a real salvation for those who do not understand anything about accounting. The service will keep you informed by bringing everything you need into one convenient space. For example, you can accompany your expense records with digital receipts.

With FreshBooks, you will have complete control over your accounting accounts. No more outsourcing of accounting.

Tracking time

TrackingTime is software that helps freelancers and teams track projects. With it, tracking the progress of work, its organization, as well as receiving ready-made business reports from employees is available.

The tool includes a dedicated calendar where weekly tasks can be posted. If you’re a team leader, TrackingTime lets you manage billable hours as it calculates the amount of time you spend on specific projects.

Promo will help you create videos to grow your business. They offer ready-made templates so that users can get started faster and create a high-impact video that will engage their target audience.


For big sales, you need good website traffic. However, even if your page is visited many times a day, it is not certain that every visitor will become a paying customer. With Plerdy you can track, analyze and convert your traffic into money more efficiently.

Plerdy will check the traffic from every part of your site and suggest the most suitable option on how you can improve conversions.

Buddy Punch

More and more people are now choosing to work remotely. With employees no longer sitting in offices, an alternative way is needed to track how quickly and efficiently they complete tasks. With Buddy Punch, you can manage tasks for your team around the world.


Email marketing is no surprise these days. However, there is still no universal way to achieve maximum sales in this way. But there are great helpers that can help you automate the process to free up time for more important things.

Automize offers users a platform where they can create compelling emails and automate their delivery. Customers will receive and open your emails more often. This will undoubtedly help increase the percentage of sales.


Outgrow is a great offer for those who want to always keep up with the times. The modern audience is no longer so easy to surprise. In addition, their needs are constantly changing. Therefore, traditional marketing will no longer work.

Outgrow will help you create content that will captivate your potential customers. Keeping their attention is not an easy task, but this service will captivate them so that they cannot leave.


Internet identity theft is a common situation. Technological progress generates not only useful inventions, but also new ways of fraud. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself and your business. Surfshark is a simple and economical solution to this problem.

By connecting to one of the secure servers, you will protect your personal data from loss or theft. You no longer need to take risks by connecting to remote business servers.

We have told you about ten useful tools for your business. With their help, you can systematize your activities, track the work of the team, and promote your company’s website. This is very important, because order in everything is the key to business success. We wish you good luck on this difficult journey!

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