Top 3 WhatsApp Spy Apps That Don’t Require Target Phone

We are living in the age of the internet, there’s no denying that. Staying connected with the people we love has gotten way easier today than ever before. Such a technology couldn’t have been imagined to exist one day just a decade back. Out of all the social media apps, WhatsApp has ameliorated the means of communication significantly. With a user – friendly interface, it has been able to stand out from other apps in the market. However, WhatsApp becoming the first go to app for communication, has also rendered it more susceptible to risks. 

It is very possible that you must have heard of online fraud reaching its pinnacle in today’s age. As the popularity of WhatsApp has increased, so has the frequency of online scams happening over it. Especially for the children of young age groups as it’s fairly easy to target them. As parents, it becomes a matter of worry knowing that your kid can become a target of such online hazards. The risks might be hard to avoid, but can definitely be managed using an Android spyware application. 

As WhatsApp has become the main mode of communication, the risks associated with it have skyrocketed since the past few years. In this situation, the mobile spy apps help their users; especially parents, to track the activity of their kids over the internet. This is the only way to ensure the safety of your loved ones in today’s time. But why can’t we ask for our children’s consent directly before tracking their phones?

Well, children nowadays want to have their own personal space which is not wrong at all. They do not want that space invaded by their parents or anyone else. Having a conversation with your child regarding this, while respecting their privacy is a dicey matter. You can’t afford to affect your relationship with your children. However, this doesn’t mean that as parents you shouldn’t be taking any steps to keep your child safe.

This is where mobile spy apps come handy. They provide you with the ability to monitor all sent and received text messages on your child’s phone. This way you can ascertain your child’s safety and sleep in peace. 

Top 3 spy apps which can make WhatsApp a safer place for your children to be on:

1. Onemonitar:  The other one in the list of best spy apps is Onemonitar. This app can’t be excluded if the discussion is around mobile spying of any sort. Just like the apps above, it offers you with an extensive list of benefiting features which can surely do wonders for you. Onemonitar, also covers the security for all the social media apps out there including SnapChat, WhatsApp, Hike, Signal, FB Messenger, Instagram, etc. 

2. Onespy: Among all the spy apps available over the internet, Onespy has stood out in the market successfully due to its unique features and user – friendly interface. It’s a perfect WhatsApp Spy App to consider if you’re a neophyte to the world of tech. The app is quite easy to use. However, if you still feel intimidated by the installation process, then you can opt for their tech support for a remote installation as well. The app makes it convenient for their users to track the activities of their loved ones over social media apps so they don’t become a victim of any scam. Right from listening to WhatsApp calls to access your child’s chat history, the app can help you with everything required to keep them safe. It can be installed on a target phone without the knowledge of its owner. This way you can avoid the relationship with your child from going off, and still be there for their own good. 

3. Chyldmonitor: Unlike other spy applications, Chyldmonitor has been designed specifically for the protection of children. However, you can still consider using it on anyone’s phone to keep them away from the online dangers. This app will allow you to monitor WhatsApp messages remotely. This way you can get to know if someone has an intention to cause any harm to your family members. Taking the precaution beforehand is always better than trying to manage the situation once it has gone off totally.

With the constant tracking offered by the Chyldmonitor application, one can be certain about the security of their children. Knowing that there’s an application at your side which is allowing you to protect the people you love, can be a huge relief.

The app offers all the features one can ask for from a spy app including WhatsApp call recording, access to chats & sender’s information, etc. Basically everything which can be misused to target your family can be managed successfully with this application.

By using this app, you’ll not be leaving any ground for the scammers to breed on. Due to its vast coverage of all the apps which could hold the potential for online scams, it gained popularity in the market instantly. Whether you want to know the chat details, phone call history, media shared over social media apps, etc. of your loved ones, you’re all covered with this single application. What all you need is the physical access of the target phone for once to install the application. After that, you’ll be able to access the details over their web-based dashboard. The easability this application provides their user with is unparalleled to all the other apps available in the market. If you want everything to be controlled and monitored from a single place, then this is definitely the app to go with.

With the rise of the dangers the online world holds for us, we need to be extra cautious than ever before. Majority of the people believe that they or their loved ones won’t encounter any malicious attacks, cyberbullying, online frauds, etc. However, before one can comprehend it, the situation already slips out of their hands. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be prepared in case such a situation arises. 

Mobile spy apps are common nowadays as people are worried about the safety of their family & loved ones. If you ask someone about the spy applications these days, the chances are they already know about it, or even using it themselves. 

Is Spying on Someone’s Online Activity a Breach of their Trust & Privacy?

It all depends on how you look at it. When it’s a step taken out of concern for your loved ones, then it’s totally justified. No one in this world wants their family to get into any trouble, be it online or in the physical world. Therefore, it should be considered as an important measure taken for someone’s sake. Being an essential part of someone’s life makes you worry about that person’s safety. This is a very normal and healthy feeling to have. If there’s a way out there, in the form of spy apps in this case, then one should definitely opt for it to keep their loved ones secured. 

One can go to extreme lengths to provide a healthy life to the people they love. When a decision has to be made to keep the people you love safe, then you shouldn’t be thinking twice before making it. After all, your family is the only thing which matters in the end.

Take the Situation in Your Control Before It Gets Any Worse

The whole point of monitoring your loved ones is to protect them from the dangers of the internet. You having the ability to keep a track on your family’s online activities places you in the position to help them out if things start to go off. Let’s say if you notice your children engaging with age inappropriate content, then you can interfere immediately. This will not let that piece of content leave a negative impression on your child’s brain. 

Cyberbullying has also been seen quite commonly among the youngsters these days. For the bullies, it has become easier than ever to hide behind the curtain of anonymity, targeting their prey. This could leave your child feeling helpless, and they develop a high chance of suffering from anxiety, depression, and in some cases, even suicidal ideation. Keeping a track of their messages and calls including phone recordings even over the social media apps, can alert you about your child’s safety in advance. 

In order to take the necessary steps in the face of adversity, you firstly need to have an awareness of it as soon as it knocks on your door. Interestingly, spy apps could also help you to improve your relationship with your loved ones. When you aren’t constantly worried about your family’s safety, you can spend time with them being more present mentally. Tracking such information will also allow you to know about the specific things which could be bothering your family. This then can lead you to the next step to resolve issues for them.

There are millions of people out there who have already chosen to prioritize their family’s mental health through these apps. It’s about time that you take this into consideration as well soon.

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