Top 5 Best Tips for Bettors to Follow in 2023

Today we will roll back to those wonderful times when life hacks were helpful and interesting, so catch: five life hacks of varying degrees of obviousness that can be useful for both a beginner and a more experienced bettor.

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1. Track your transaction history

Perhaps the most important advice concerns the financial literacy of the player, around which there are many myths. We are talking about accounting for finances: it is quite possible that the player distributes the bank correctly, but still plays in the red. Or, for example, he spends much more than the planned amount on bets and does not notice it himself, because he scatters money over several bookmakers.

Not all bookmakers allow clients to track the history of transactions for any long period, not to mention the entire archive. So organize it.

2. Dig into the pre-match and look for better outcomes

In the pre-match, you can often find several outcomes that essentially duplicate each other. Why do bookmakers give duplicate outcomes? It’s simple: this way the company’s painting becomes deeper, which adds a few points to it. But for players, another fact is more interesting: often different odds are given for duplicate outcomes. It’s just some kind of surreal, you say, but there are several quite logical explanations for this:

  • Outcomes have different margins, so the odds may differ slightly
  • The amount of one of the duplicated outcomes – for example, most players bet on the handicap (-1.5), which slightly shifted the line and lowered the odds, but the European handicap (0:1) was not bet so actively, because the odds did not change there
  • The company borrows a pre-match line for duplicate outcomes from different bookmakers, which is why the quotes are different

3. Take your time with cashout

Many are familiar with the moment when the bet is almost won and the bookmaker winks at the button with the redemption of the bet. The thought that you cash out the bet right now flies into the head with every change in the proposed ransom amount.

And in part, the cashout looks really logical – the player has the opportunity to make a profit here and now, avoiding the hassle of the last minutes of the event or the last match in the accumulator.

However, selling a bet is not always the most profitable option. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe by betting on the opposite outcome.

4. Search, favorites, side menu settings – use this

One of the important components of a comfortable betting game is the convenience of navigating through the bookmaker’s application. Each time it is inconvenient to manually search for the desired event for several reasons:

Firstly, it is banally infuriating: a bunch of clicks to get to the event of interest. And if you had to emerge from the bookmaker’s application to delve into statistics or on personal matters, but it decided to reboot and you have to look for events again.

Secondly, when playing live, every second is worth its weight in gold: the odds may fall, the bookmaker will temporarily close the acceptance of bets, or some significant event will happen in the match.

Therefore, you should not neglect the possibilities of searching and adding an event to your favorites, which are available in absolutely all bookmakers.

Urgently need to find a match, but flipping through sports, then championships and matches for too long? Use search. Have a closer look at some event, but want to delve a little more into the statistics, so that it’s true? Add an event to your favorites.

Convenient, isn’t it? Optimizing your workspace is always important, even when it comes to betting.

5. Simplify your live betting

Agree, it infuriates when you try to bet live, and the bookmaker does not accept the bet, referring to the change in odds. Firstly, this can go on indefinitely, as live odds jump every few seconds. Secondly, the player also runs the risk of missing out on a more profitable quote.

There is a solution, and quite simple: in the settings of each bookmaker, you can set the consent or refusal of any change in the odds in the coupon so that the application no longer disturbs the user.

Do not neglect any opportunities that can somehow simplify or tritely make the game on bets more comfortable. Betting should be fun!

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