Top 5 Hosts for your Drupal site

Choosing the best web host for your Drupal site is the key to its long-term success. Many web hosts support Drupal, but not all of them can handle its high server resource requirements. For this reason, we’ve created a list of the hosting companies that are best suited to host your Drupal site.

  • InMotion Hosting

A well-known hosting platform, InMotion is known for their fast speed and courteous customer service. However, what makes them ideal as a host is that they’ve configured their server with several features to make their hosting 100% compatible with Drupal websites. These features include:

  • Dual versions of PHP in the server
  • A default installation of Apache module mod_rewrite which allows users to customize their URLs, so they are more SEO friendly
  • Running PHP as suPHP to increase the hosting environment’s security
  • A PHP memory_limit that is set up to 128 MB, which is large enough to meet the maximum demands that Drupal might make
  • 1-click Drupal installation through Softaculous

Additionally, all Drupal hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, data backup, MySQL databases, and free advertising credits.

BlueHost is a professional, flexible, SEO friendly, and easy to use hosting option for Drupal. They guarantee a fast server response time of 320 ms and 99.9% uptime for all Drupal websites. The Drupal compatibility features of Bluehost include:

  • A PHP memory_limit of 128 MB, a limit that can handle a very complex Drupal site
  • A default installation of Apache mod_rewrite so users can create clean and short URLs that are search engine friendly
  • Double versions of PHP, ensuring 100% compatibility with Drupal regardless of which version you’re using
  • A cPanel control panel that allows users to manage their domains, websites, databases, and files with ease
  • A SimpleScripts 1-click installer so anyone can set up a Drupal website in seconds

Furthermore, BlueHost offers 50 GB of SSD disk space, unlimited email accounts, an anytime money-back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

  • A2Hosting

Known for their 99.9% uptime and high customer satisfaction, A2Hosting offers several features that make it an ideal choice for Drupal hosting. These features include:

  • The latest versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP, making A2Hosting 100% compatible with all versions of Drupal
  • A memory_limit of 256 MG, making it powerful enough to run large business websites and complex applications.
  • A default installation of mod_rewrite which makes it SEO friendly
  • Unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, and FTP accounts.
  • An easy web-based file manager
  • cPanel control panel and an A2 sitebuilder
  • CloudFlare content delivery network
  • SSH Access and SSL certificates
  • Server Rewind Backups
  • Runs PHP as suPHP to increase site security

Also, A2Hosting uses the SwiftServers platform, which has an SSD that produces 300% faster page loads.

  • GreenGeeks

As the #1 green hosting provider, GreenGeeks offers eco-friendly service, reliable hosting performance, and professional tech support. Furthermore, it is a leading supporter of Drupal, so they have optimized their features for 100% Drupal compatibility. GreenGeeks Drupal optimized features include:

  • Dual versions of PHP and MySQL so that no matter the Drupal version, your site will run smoothly
  • Drupal installs with one click
  • suPHP for enhanced site security
  • Tenant Isolation so other server users can’t affect your site
  • 99.9% uptime for Drupal websites
  • Ability to select your data server location
  • 24/7 Drupal support through phone, online chat, and emails
  • A rich selection of resources on Drupal hosting management
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free $100 marketing credit for Google AdWords
  • Automatic Drupal updates
  • Programming features such as Zend Optimizer, CDN, and .htaccess
  • Free site setup and transfer

GreenGeeks also comes with unlimited storage, data transfer, domains, email accounts, nightly backups, site building tools, promotional tools, and databases

  • WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub focuses on Linux-based shared web hosting and offers all-in-one Drupal hosting solutions. Features of their Drupal hosting plans include:

  • Dual versions of PHP for 100% compatibility with all versions of Drupal
  • 1-click Drupal install with Softaculous
  • PHP_limit memory of up to 256 MB
  • Installation of mod_rewrite Apache so users can customize URLs for SEO
  • cPanel control panel
  • Over 1000 free customizable themes
  • Free website backups

Drupal hosting plans also come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, websites, and email accounts. Additionally, WebHostingHub also offers free domain registration or site transfer.


You may have noticed that many of the Drupal hosting options offer the same features. In fact, the only host that really stands out as being different is GreenGeeks is the only eco-friendly provider on this list. Not only that, but they are also the only provider to offer the option to choose where your server is located. Data center location is crucial for providing site visitors with fast loading times. The closer you and your customers are to your data center, the more efficient the site will be, leading to a better user experience. Furthermore, GreenGeeks offers Tenant Isolation, meaning that your site won’t be affected by other sites’ actions on the server. 

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