Top 7 Gaming Trends to Follow in 2021

When the pandemic drove people across the world indoors last year, it also prompted a change of habits. With outdoor activities halted, more and more people took up indoor hobbies. Subscriptions to internet deals like Cox internet gave rise in popularity to online gaming. These games can be played through this gaming device.

In fact, the gaming industry witnessed a massive growth spurt in 2020 alone. With the coronavirus still around, gaming has remained attractive in 2021. As many non-gamers turned into gamers over the past year, online games continue to be in vogue. Indeed, this year promises lots of innovation, improved technology, and immersive experiences for gamers. If you are a gamer, here are the top gaming trends you need to watch out for in 2021.

#1 Social Gaming

If you never went through an Among Us obsession phase during quarantine, you are a rare breed. Social games like Among Us and Animal Crossing offer great opportunities to have fun with friends from a distance. In fact, many people end up making new friends through such games. Therefore, social gaming is a trend that is sure to stay popular. Also, it is easy for beginners, with teamwork helping new players master all the rules. Moreover, social gaming is accessible to most people. As many popular social games are available for free on smartphones, anyone can play them.

#2 Roguelike Gaming

This type of gaming takes its name from the 1980 classic game Rogue. It refers to a sub-category of games that are based on popular fantasy stories. Usually, they have many difficulty levels. Moreover, they have many randomized features that make gaming exciting. With quick deaths and creative hurdles, gamers experience high energy while playing. Because of the tricky gameplay, these games are also more rewarding.
While such games started as niche interests, they are now gaining mass attention. Through the past few years, roguelike games like Hades and Loop Hero have received much acclaim. Going forward, it’s obvious that this genre will attract more gamers.

#3 E-Sports

One of the many casualties of the pandemic was sports. With live sporting events canceled, there was a void to be filled. When people could no longer crowd into stadiums to cheer for their teams, they turned to the obvious: e-sports.

The e-sports industry has seen immense growth over the last few years. However, it is more popular now than ever. Indeed, there was a 69% rise in e-sports just over the last year! And this growth has not stopped even with the return of live sports. This is because e-sports contests come with many perks. For instance, you can watch them from anywhere in the world. Moreover, there can be any number of audiences. All you need is the internet.

#4 Cloud-based Gaming

Cloud-based gaming is the newest trend on the block. With the rapid growth in computer technology, cloud-based gaming defines the future. Also, new developments like 5G connectivity have reduced latency time. Thus, cloud-based gaming can take place over servers with no lagging. Moreover, such gaming has huge potential within mobile gaming. Check out PC Guide to know more how cloud gaming works and how it’s been a trend for the gaming industry.

#5 Reboots and Remakes

Reboots or remakes of popular classic games have been on the rise recently. With massive development in tech, studios can now polish up their old classics for a new audience. Refined graphics, excellent audio, and better gameplay are sure to attract gamers to such remakes. Recent remakes such as Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy VII were some of the most played games of last year. Hence, gamers should look forward to plenty more reboots coming out this year.

#6 Virtual Reality

Gaming is one of the major sectors to make use of futuristic tech. With progress in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), gamers should stay ready for some fun. Big companies like Facebook have made great progress in developing VR tech. Although many people can’t yet afford VR headsets, there is hope for the future. Soon enough, this technology will become mainstream and within access of all gamers.

#7 Traditional Gaming

Yes, you read correctly. Traditional games such as card games and board games have actually regained popularity! As the pandemic forced families to reunite and stay indoors, many people took up classic games like Chess, Monopoly, and Uno. Even now, the sales of such games continue to rise. This proves that even with new trends being launched every day, some hobbies remain beloved across ages.

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