Top 7 travel planning apps for a road trip in the USA 


The thirst for adventure calls to go on a vacation. This means it’s time to shake off the dust from your travel suitcases and set off on the long-awaited road trip! 

Yes, it’s always a great idea to pick up a car rental in the USA and hit the highway. You can quickly rent a car through and guarantee a reliable and cheap vehicle in the desired location. However, where to go and what to see – it’s not easy to choose the right destination among hundreds of places of interest in America. 

Fortunately, your smartphone and the programs installed on it will help you. Modern technologies allow you to plan trips from scratch. From simple reminders and to-do lists to sophisticated ticketing systems, hotel transfers, and room/restaurant reservations, the functionality of the apps is simply impressive. And all this – according to the conditions set by the user. 

You will only have to enter the input data and the program will create an ideal travel project for dates convenient for you and taking into account all your wishes. Do ensure that you have a reliable internet connection to download these apps and travel around the USA. Users residing or traveling in Texas may find Grande speed incredibly helpful. So, get a reliable connection and download at least a couple of the following road trip planning apps to your phone and implement your route with pleasure!


You need to start with an idea! Therefore, the first thing is to choose where to go and what to see. The EverTravel travel planner is ideal for this. The mobile guide stores information about more than 75 cities around the world, with more than 20,000 attractions and about 350 ready-made routes for walking. It remains only to mark what you would like to see, add it to your favorites, and the route between the selected places will be built automatically! The city map will be available even in offline mode, which is very important in roaming conditions or areas with poor mobile coverage. 


Whether you like Tripadvisor or hate it, you’ve definitely used it. The program contains ratings and reviews of hotels, restaurants, excursions, and activities from experienced travelers to help you make the right choice. 

As one of the essential mobile apps for travel planning, Tripadvisor allows you to find cheap flights, free travel guides, apartment rental information, and just tips on any travel destination. If you want, you can leave your reviews about the establishments, ask questions on the forums, and upload photos. 

Trip It 

Any trip is about keeping in mind dates, addresses, departure and arrival times, the hotel name, check-in and check-out times, and much, much more. The TripIt service will definitely be able to simplify this routine and organize information. 

Can’t remember the departure time or the name of the hotel where you will be staying? Or maybe you don’t want to look for a car rental confirmation voucher in the email? Simply forward all your emails to this planning assistant and it will generate a single travel itinerary that includes everything from flights to restaurants.


If you are not looking for easy ways and are going to move between cities, states, countries, and continents, Rome2Rio is what you need, according to seasoned travelers. The application will lay even the most unexpected route, for example, from Miami to Houston, and from there to Seattle or Minneapolis. 

In Rome2Rio, your route will be divided into sections, with comments and tips for each stage. In addition, the application recommends which transport is better to use and which route to prefer considering certain criteria. Also, it will show housing and fuel prices if you are driving. 



The main function of the application is to plan a travel route by days, hours, and even minutes. It’s simple: We select the dates of the trip, the sights we want to visit, and the duration of their inspection, and we get a detailed plan of events for the entire trip. The plan takes into account everything, even the time required to move between points. 

The list of recommendations contains a huge number of the most interesting places around the world. In addition, you can download maps online and find even more sights in the desired destination. 


Would you like to make the most dense travel schedule and take into account all the nuances of visiting sights and moving between them? Musement is your magic wand. The application organizes the trip without leaving you a single free minute. It allows you to buy tickets to museums, wine tastings, and even swimming sessions with dolphins. What’s more, you will have recommendations from a local expert who will suggest something interesting and help you with your booking. 


Travel packing is a kind of art. You always remember about essentials, like a passport or flight tickets. Though, you can forget some not critical but terribly useful things. Making a list helps only partly because we simply can’t remember all the items required. If you’re having similar issues, the PackPoint is your lifeline. 

Based on the data about the upcoming trip, the app can independently plan a detailed list of things to take on the trip. How does it work? First, you enter your gender, destination, and duration of the journey. Then, choose the nature of the trip – business or leisure (or both) and sort the list of activities you want to do (dinner at a restaurant, hiking, swimming, visiting a museum, etc.). After that, the application will look at the weather for the dates you specified and offer to collect certain clothing you will definitely need. Finally, you will receive a detailed list of all the items you need in just 5-10 minutes.

In summary, modern technology makes our travel experience simpler and more thoughtful. From packing to planning an itinerary to listing attractions, use the USA road trip apps above to organize an exciting ride!

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