Top 7 Websites Every Marketing Student Should Know

As a marketing student, you need to do many things during your studies. On the one hand, you need to stay in touch with the marketing news and innovation by reading news portals. On the other hand, you should search for new approaches to marketing activities, which is impossible without looking through existing marketing masterpieces and trying to decipher the code of successful campaigns.

Still, the Internet is full of websites specializing in marketing, and your task is to select a small list of valuable resources to avoid wasting time. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of helpful websites that every student should visit daily and turn to in times of need.

#1 American Marketing Association

The AMA’s official website is a great resource to get you started in the world of marketing and advertising. Here, you can find a real of helpful resources introducing the newbies to digital tools, branding, customer engagement hacks, communications, and so much more. The resource also contains much valuable information about the upcoming networking events, such as conferences and meetings, so that you can meet industry experts and expand your connections in this area.

#2 Direct Marketing News

This resource will be extremely helpful for individuals already working in marketing and developing groundbreaking marketing strategies. DMN offers insightful analysis and discusses the currently prevalent trends to give practitioners a better idea of achieving a unique competitive advantage in the niche of interest. So, even if you’re a student, you’re sure to find the analytical reports and press releases available here informative and relevant to your field of studies.

#3 Marketing Land

Are you an aspiring marketing enthusiast looking for new ways to enhance your professional expertise in the niche? Marketing Land is a unique resource to hone your skills and learn various SEO and SEM practices trending today. The resource also has valuable analytical data that will undoubtedly fuel your research and practice in this sector.

#4 PayforEssay

Pay for Essay is an academic writing helper that can handle any assignment for you while you’re concentrating on other priorities. Suppose that you’re tasked with writing five essays, each due by the end of the week. Which ask do you prefer to focus on? A boring Biology lab report or an exciting Marketing project? While the latter is more attractive in terms of learning, the former can be managed by experts. Buy essay works from professionals on PayforEssay, and you’ll always have enough time for the study work you really enjoy.

#5 MediaBistro

This resource is a go-to provider of all marketing services and information a student or practitioner would look for. It is a unique website containing valuable tips for marketing campaigns, a list of top-quality marketing courses, and a career board where students can find an internship or part-time work opportunities in their specialty. Everyone dealing with marketing should become a regular visitor of this all-in-one resource where all the latest, trending information about marketing is available at your fingertips.

#6 Mashable

There’s hardly any marketing student or a practicing marketing specialist who has never heard of Mashable. This website is a rich source of excellent ideas and creative strategies for various product and service promotions. Members share unique insights and practices in social media and online advertising, thus helping you keep pace with the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in your professional sector.

Besides, the website offers a Mashable shop where the fans of cool designs and unusual solutions can acquire some great accessories, tech gadgets, and the like. The Tech section of the resource shows best practices of marketing tech products. Visiting this website is always a treat for an experienced marketer’s eyes, and students can borrow many ideas for product positioning and promotion here.

#7 Canva

Aside from marketing jobs, news, and courses, we would also like to mention a go-to tool for all marketing students working on visuals. Canva is a unique free resource in which you can create any design coming to your mind. Millions of people worldwide use Canva to make professional-looking infographics, images, and posters. Try this resource today to expand your graphic design skills and create eye-catching images.

Studies Can Be Fun!

As you can see, marketing studies can be enjoyable and way much simpler with the help of valuable resources and websites. Some give you inspiration and vital guidance; others cover you up when you’re short of time for all assignments. You can also visit the Introduces Rush Order Essay-Writing Service guide to find other reputable companies assisting with homework. Keep in mind that studies are manageable, and your path to a diploma in Marketing will become easier.


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