Top 8 Tips When Buying Games Gift Cards Using Bitcoin

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Amidst the changes in the value of cryptocurrencies in the market, one thing that remains constant is that they can be used to purchase products or services. One of the creative items to purchase using a cryptocurrency is gift cards, vouchers that you can shop online. There are several e-commerce websites that can help you purchase your favorite games gift cars. However, identifying the most efficient and affordable way to make such a purchase is very challenging. To buy gift cards with Bitcoins, here are some of the tips to consider.

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1. Choose the Most Efficient Wallet

In order to make any purchases using cryptocurrency, you will need to choose a wallet that can help you store the digital cryptocurrency. The wallet you choose will act as your cryptocurrency bank, where you will be able to make payments store and receive money. There are several crypto wallets available online without location restriction, and you can easily access them using your mobile devices or desktops. All you need is to create an account with your personal details. The process of owning a Wallet will take you approximately 30 minutes.

There are several exchanges in the market, including WEX, Bitfinex, YoBit, and others. When purchasing a cryptocurrency for trading, it is necessary to choose a platform that promotes a convenient method of payment.

2. Buy Cryptocurrency

Once you set up a wallet, you will be able to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is possible through the use of an exchange service for cryptocurrency. Perform internet research on the most affordable service and use a bank account or credit card to make the payment. The transaction will take a few minutes after you have provided your wallet address. Moreover, also offers some great services when it comes to buying bitcoin.

3. Check the Seller’s Recent Activities and Reputation

The reputation of the seller whom you buy cryptocurrencies is crucial. On the selling site, the reputation will always be displayed in green with a ‘plus’ at the start. If, for instance, the reputation is +205/-4, it means that the seller has 205 positive feedbacks and only 4 negative feedbacks from the buyers. Review each feedback to assess the type of services or genuineness of the seller. Also, keep in mind that the period at which the seller has been on the platform determines their reputation. A seller with a verified ID who has been a long user of the platform would probably offer reputable services.

Other important details about the vendor that you must consider are the trade history, language spoken by the vendor, and the date of joining the trading platform.

4. Don’t forget to Read the Selling Terms

It is important for every seller or buyer of cryptocurrency to read what is on the offer. Before exchanging the cryptocurrency with a games gift card, it is important to review the expectations and requirements. Only agree to the terms that you can meet and have the necessary documentation before beginning the trade.

The price of converting a cryptocurrency into a gift card also varies. Therefore, the vendor’s fee should be reviewed before making the purchase. Always compare the prices of different vendors to get the best offer.

To buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies, you also have the opportunity to make your own offer. In this case, you must formulate clear terms and conditions and set profitable margins because negotiations are not allowed during the trade process. With your personalized offer, wait for a vendor to begin trading, from which you will get a notification. You can then discuss the type of card you need and the details of finalized payment.

5. Keep your Bitcoin Safe

Buying gift cards using cryptocurrency may expose you to the risk of occasional hackers. Using public Wi-Fi, for instance, gives hackers an upper hand in accessing your funds or data. It can be as simple as just stealing your account codes, personal details, or other crucial information. As such, it is important to use trusted network services to protect your purchased crypto.

6. Never broke Gift Card Codes

Brokering of gift cards means purchasing them for the first time hoping that to sell them to another person later. After selling your cryptocurrency for a gift card, it would be wrong to sell the same code. If this is done repeatedly, then the trading platforms might recognize and ban you from ever exchanging your cryptocurrency again. Once you have purchased a gift card, remember not to resell the codes.

7. Do Not Use Third Parties to make Payments

When making a payment of exchange of cryptocurrency with a gift card, make sure you are the original owner of the payment account. Being an intermediary in paying for the card is not permitted and may be considered a scam.

8. Always Cancel the Transaction when No Longer Interested

If you haven’t paid the exchange platform, and you feel that you no longer need a gift card, it is possible to make a cancellation. The trader will be free from your appointment and make trade with others who are willing to buy a gift card. If the trade is left handing, the buyer might report you or file a dispute, which might give you a negative reputation. Through the dashboard of your transaction website, you can sell or cancel your open trades.

Most transactions are often cancelled because buyers get unresponsive. If you won’t be available to complete the transaction, it is better to cancel your offer and do it later when available.

After making a payment, always remember to click the paid button. This will prevent the expiration of the trade as set by your vendor and will protect you from chargeback or double charges.

The Bottom Line

Buy xBox Gift Cards today using cryptocurrency. During the purchase, you should use the most efficient and convenient online exchange platform. If you succeed to find the best option, you will purchase your card at the most affordable rate. Be aware of the type of vendor you are contacting so as to choose to make transactions without security issues or processing challenges. The above tips will ensure that you successfully purchase Bitcoins and exchange them for your favorite games gift cards.

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