Top Android VPNs in 2020

VPN services gained popularity among people in different countries. This technology is used to protect a person’s privacy. In general, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and ensures the safety of your data. When you connect your device to VPN, you get information and share it through a public network, an encrypted VPN connection.

People opt for using a VPN when they browse the Internet through public Wi-Fi, try to get access to the blocked websites, and merely want to stay anonymous. It may seem that finding a VPN app is easy, but the reality is different. The number of useless and even dangerous VPN apps grows, so if you don’t want to run the risk and download questionable apps, read this article carefully.

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VPN app must be present on the smartphone of each student. Besides the fact that they use college’s and university’s networks for their own purposes and must care about the security of personal information, they often use academic writing assistance. Teachers and professors are against it, so VPN is only an additional security measure. However, when a student uses reliable writing services, such as StudyBay, he or she even may not enable a VPN because the service ensures the anonymity of all clients. Read the to make sure of it.

Let’s review the top VPN services that are worth your attention in 2020.

Nord VPN

This VPN service provider is truly world-famous. The company was established in 2012 and started to develop software for various operational systems. Now users of Windows, Linux, macOS, and, of course, Android may feel safe and don’t worry about their data. More than 10 million people downloaded this app from Google Play, and almost 300,000 users rated it. The overall rate is 4,2, and it’s a good indicator. People who often use VPN apps report that complicated interface is their major drawback. The same cannot be said of the Nord VPN. Read reviews to see how many users appreciate Nord VPN for its interface.

It lets you connect to more than 5000 VPN servers in 60 countries. CyberSec option protects your smartphone from malware and blocks malicious websites. Nord VPN offers a 7-day free trial period, after which you must buy a membership. Finding a free VPN app is hard, so each dollar spent on this one is worth it. If you’re a student looking for a good VPN app, we advise you to buy this app. It isn’t expensive; however, you can always find a job to buy what you need. Don’t worry about your academic performance; trust homework to Edubirdie and get high grades. Read to make sure that this service is legal.


The company that released this app is based in the USA. Simplicity is the main principle of IPVanish; that’s why people report that this app is one of the most customizable and easy to use. Its rate is 4,7 on Trustpilot, and 4,1 on Google Play. The overall number of downloads exceeds 1 million. Each user gets access to more than 1000 VPN servers throughout the world. You don’t need to connect the server manually, remember any parameters, and understand how this technology works. Tap the button, and the app will automatically hide your data and connect you to the fastest server.

The app supports up to 10 simultaneous connections and several connection protocols. If something in this app seems unclear for you, you may ask any questions through a built-in app chat. Managers will quickly respond and offer an effective solution for convenient and secure browsing. Customer support managers are online 24/7.


If you look for a cheap and effective VPN app, we advise you to opt for Surfshark. Before we review its main features, we must mention the prices. 30-day subscription will cost you $12, one-year subscription plan costs $47,88, and 36-month subscription — $69.99. You’ll hardly find the app at such low prices. The company always offers various discounts, so it would be a mistake not to buy it. If you have a lot of devices and need to connect them to VPN, this app is the best choice because it has no limits as for the number of devices.

Besides, Surfshark lets you connect to one of 1,000 servers and keep your data safe; it has some other useful options. For example, CleanWeb protects you from malicious programs and websites. Forget about phishing when you enable Sifrshark. WhiteLister is necessary if your mobile VPN blocks the necessary websites. Include URLs to white list and enjoy browsing your favorite sites. Camouflage Mode option helps you to hide your VPN activity, so you may not worry that your Internet-provider will find out that you’ve used VPN.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

More than 1 million people throughout the world keep their data safe with the help of this app. Choose among the multiple locations and connect to the chosen server in a matter of seconds. Forget about the long minutes you wait for the connection when you used outdated and unreliable apps. PIA is worth downloading at least because it has a kill-switch option. It means that the app monitors your connection with the VPN server, and in case something goes wrong, and the connection is cut, the app blocks your access to the Internet. It’s an additional security measure that prevents the leakage of your data to the Internet.

PIA has a lot of options and settings that are customizable. The intuitive interface makes this app the best choice for people who haven’t used VPN before. The yearly plan is affordable and costs only $74.99. There is no trial period, so it’ better to opt for a monthly subscription and test this app. In any case, you’ll lose only $10. This sum will hardly influence your financial situation. A significant number of awards should make you give a chance to this app.

Express VPN

Express VPN is a recognized leader among all VPN providers: the number of servers is more than 3,000, the number of locations is almost 160. Google Play rate of Express VPN is 4, whereas the number of downloads exceeds 10 million. Any comments are unnecessary. This provides released apps for all operational systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. Tap on the screen, be sure that the IP-address and your personal data are protected. ExpressVPN uses advanced technology – TrustedServer. It presupposes that all data of the user’s online activity is cleared after each reboot. The servers’ data are never recorded on any hard drives; these servers use RAM only.
Express VPN has a useful kill-switch feature that excludes the possibility of leakage of personal data. The advantage of this app is the automatic establishment of a VPN connection when using unreliable Internet providers. If you want to gain an insight into the app’s work, you’d better read reviews and find out more information from the horse’s mouth. This approach is good in everything. If you think of using academic writing service and are afraid that your teacher will find it out, select the company you’re interested in, for example, My Assignment Help, and enter the following keyword to your search engine: “my assignment help reviews” be sure that you’ll find everything you need and even more.

CyberGhost VPN

It’s another great app for newcomers in safer Internet surfing. The number of positive reviews on Trustpilot and high rate makes us trust this company. More than 10 million people downloaded this app from Google Play. The company values people’s security on the Internet; that’s why they don’t save information about user activity. Buy one subscription and protect up to 7 your devices. The specialized algorithms let CyberGhost find the fastest server in a matter of seconds. By the way, the number of servers is 6300+, so this option impresses. This app has a kill-switch option and uses the newest customer security protocols, such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and so on. In general, CyberGhost offers people everything they need. Round-the-clock customer support guarantees that all problems and issues will be quickly solved. Nothing will prevent you from accessing the content you need.

Each user can take advantage of all premium features and simply test the service’s work during the 7-day trial period. A 45-day money-back guarantee lets you not worry about your money. Buy a plan and cancel the subscription at any time, if the work of this app doesn’t satisfy you. The number of positive reviews and multiple benefits of CyberGhost keeps the probability of clients’ dissatisfaction to a minimum.

This list includes services that use the newest and most effective technologies of data protection. However, you mustn’t think that any service you’ll choose will suit you. People are different; their needs and preferences are different as well. So, it’s not excluded that you’ll have to test several apps to identify which one is the best for you. Look through new apps in Play Market from time to time. Perhaps, you’ll find a brand new app that will become a leader among other VPN apps.

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