The Top Managed IT Services for 2022 and What They Can Do for your Business

We are all eager for the ‘Internet of Things’ to be up and running; the IoT, as it is known, is a global digital network much like the Internet 2.0, only the platform is strictly for digital devices to communicate with each other and AI. Add to that the soon to be launched 5G, which is said to bring 10x speeds, there’s never been a better time to make the best use of managed IT services and here Daniel Calugar talks about some of the popular IT services businesses are choosing.

  • Internet telephony – Programs like Zoom offer real-time video communication that uses the Internet, with VoIP solutions, audio and video is sent and received on the web, which cuts out the cell phone networks, you know, the ones that charge by the minute. No longer will you have those high phone bills, as you and all your staff are using VoIP platforms, not cell networks; aside from the money you save, you can set up video conferences and meetings with associates. If you have yet to experience a Zoom call, check out the free program and see some of the powerful features; for business users, there is a communal digital whiteboard that all participants can contribute, making for a collaborative virtual environment. The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic saw many businesses delivering their services in an online format
  • Cloud computing – Talk to a leading New Jersey IT services provider about setting up a secure cloud network, then you can enjoy the many benefits of storing your business data on remote secure servers. If you are thinking about major IT hardware and a big investment, you’ll be happy to learn that all it takes to enjoy cloud computing are a few wireless routers and a few headsets. The provider listens to the client’s needs and in no time, your secure cloud network is up and running.
  • Customized business software – It’s all about streamlining your business processes and that’s exactly what you get when you find business software that was written with your sector in mind. Whether you run an e-commerce store or offer a domestic service, there is sector-specific software that makes life a lot easier; search online for ‘business software developers’ and look for industry specific software packages. Software such as this can eliminate double handling and with automated payroll solutions, things are that much easier.
  • Cyber-security – Take a look at the US government’s website concerning cyber-crime and you quickly realize how common cyber-crime actually is. The FBI will investigate every cyber-crime report and sometimes, this can lead to a prosecution, although that isn’t always the case. As soon as you connect to the Internet, you are at risk of cyber-attack and the best way to protect your data is to enlist the help of an IT support company, as they have the resources and the know-how to protect your network 24/7. If you want to know how your network security holds up, have penetrative testing carried out by a cyber-security expert and if they cannot breach your defenses, you know your data is safe. Remote workers should always use a VPN, as this article highlights.
  • Hardware support – Every organization has a ton of IT hardware; workstation PCs, printers, scanners and copiers; then there is the network hardware, routers and other peripherals. All of this equipment can break down at any time and usually does when you most need it; when you have an IT support partner, you can forget about hardware issues, as a team of IT technicians are always at the ready.
  • IT consulting – It can be a significant investment to set up a solid IT infrastructure and you do want to make sure the hardware you buy is the best choice; the IT consultant can help you create an effective IT network by recommending components and systems. Many businesses want to go wireless and have little idea what that entails, which is why they turn to the IT support provider, a company with all the digital solutions.

What Can IT Services Do for My Business?

  • Cut communication costs – You can probably cut your telecommunication costs in half by switching to VoIP solutions, which is a considerable saving that can’t be ignored. Why should you be lining the pockets of the major telecommunication corporations? They charge by the minute and have yet to hook up with real-time video and you can by-pass these carriers by using Internet telephony. Zoom is the most popular VoIP platform that has some very powerful collaboration tools, empowering you to work with your team in a virtual environment.
  • Global access to your data – When you run a secure cloud network, you and all your employees have unrestricted access to any data they might need. You set up permissions and you can control what folders and files an employee can access; which can be amended at any time. When you are on your way to a sales presentation and you need the latest slideshow, you can download it in seconds, using any digital device, whether a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone.
  • Protect your valuable data – Since we live in a digital world, your data is the most available asset you have and there are many hackers out there who will do their best to steal your data. The number of cyber-crime reports received by the FBI is significant and we are all at risk; your personal and business data need top-drawer cyber protection, which you can find at the NJ managed IT services provider.

We are on the verge of a new digital dimension, with the arrival of the Internet of Things and the 10x speeds that 5G brings and for the forward-thinking entrepreneur, managed IT services brings empowerment. If you would like a free IT assessment from a local IT support company, they would be happy to take a look at your existing IT infrastructure and show you how they can streamline your business processes.

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