How to Trace Mobile Number Location without Them Knowing

There are many methods of tracing a mobile number location these days. Most of these functions do not work discreetly. You will end up sending an alert or a ping or a notification to the concerned person’s phone. So, it’s a tough call when you intend to track phone number without someone knowing.

As they say, where there is will, there is a way. The necessity for remote tracking of mobile numbers leads to the demand of spy applications for the purpose. So, here, you will know about the most coveted spy application that allows you to trace a number stealthily.

Safespy- Best Tracking App

So, you want to trace a mobile number and wondering how to do the same? You should know about the most coveted, reliable and dependable tracking app, Safespy. You can track someone’s mobile number without instigating any alert or ping on the said number.

The best part is that Safespy works seamlessly on both stock Android and iOS mobile phones. The application, being web based, doesn’t necessitate any downloading or installation. Out of the many essential features that the application possesses, below are some core features of the app:

Friendly User-Interface

Spy applications can have a very complicated interface. In the wake of being too technologically advanced, some apps actually become too complicated to understand. This is where Safespy is a breeze of fresh air.

Safespy has an immensely friendly user interface. It is neat, concise and convenient to use. Even if you are someone who has limited knowledge about using spy applications, you can work well with Safespy.

The dashboard of the app in itself is self explanatory. You do not need to undergo any training or even a demo to know what to do. The features and functions are laid out in a very convenient manner. As a user, you would essentially know what to do and how.

Superb Stealth Features

Stealth features mean the mode in which you practically go incognito. You can be tracing someone’s phone all the time but the concerned person would never know about this. The superb and intricate stealth features are well incorporated into Safespy’s very structure.

The stealth features protect the anonymity, secrecy and integrity of the user. The target mobile number gets no intimation or as much as a hunch that their location is accessible. If you use other methods of tracing location, you immediately get an alert.

No Jailbreak/ No Rooting

When you are able to access someone’s location from their mobile number remotely, its quite liberating. The benefit of Safespy is that you don’t need to jailbreak or root through the target mobile number. There will be less or no intervention with someone’s phone.

Data Protection and Privacy

Spy app users are primarily concerned about the privacy and protection of their data. The risk of the person finding out about your tracking is next to impossible. The data integrity is completely retained and there are no chances of even the slightest of data leakage.

Even the staff of Safespy does not have the authority to access user data. It is extremely particular about seeking minimum information from its users.

Trace a Number without them knowing

If you want to see someone’s location without seeking their permission for the same, you can do so through Safespy. The user of the mobile phone wouldn’t even know that their location is being traced. In a completely remote and alert less manner, you can see someone’s real time location.

The process and procedures of tracing someone’s location can be stated in the below mentioned manner:


You would first need to register on Safespy’s web-based app with your email ID. This email ID would be used for further set up information. Therefore, the email ID you use must have restrictive and discrete usage for you.


After you have signed up successfully, you would then require selecting the plan of your choice. There are many plans that Safespy offers. You can purchase the plan of your choice after the assessment of your requirements.

There are many plans that Safespy has to offer ranging to a lot of deliverables. You can seek the plan that meets most of your requirements.


The moment you purchase the plan, you would receive the set up link on our email. All you need to do is head to your email and click on the link that you would have received. Within a few moments itself, your installation would be finished.


Once the installation has been finished, you would now come to the point of basic bifurcation. Herein, you would need to state the target platform. Target platform means the kind of device that you need to track- whether it is an Android or an iOS phone.


If you need to track an iPhone, you need to select iOS as the target platform. Now, you would need to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone user. You just need to enter the iCloud ID and password and you will immediately get linked with the target iPhone.


If you need to track an Android phone, you need to select Android as the target platform. Here, you would need to download the app on the target Android phone. This is something that you need to do because of Android’s requirements.

No app can provide immediate remote access into an Android phone. To deal with this bottleneck, Safespy has been designed to weigh only 2 Mb. Thus, it can be downloaded immediately and raises no question about the weight of the app.

Once you have downloaded the application, you can immediately hide it. When in a hidden mode, all proofs of its existence vanish from the phone. The app will not be detectable. Even the library of apps will not show such spy applications existing.

The link will be immediate with the target Android phone. You can immediately trace the concerned mobile number. Downloading the app is just the one time exercise you need to follow. Once it’s done, you can delete the phone directly from the app dashboard.


You can track phone numbers with Safespy almost immediately. The web based application is known for its immensely simple set of procedures. It doesn’t require any information that can compromise on the security of its users. Thus, you can track a number without any hassles.

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