Traders Union Experts Named The Best Prop Trading Company

Forex trading requires that you invest at least a couple thousands of dollars to start making real profits even with high leverage rates. But what if you don’t have a capital to start with? You can try signing up for a proprietary trading platform that gives you money to trade with in exchange for a fraction of your profits.

It’s a great way to start your trading career, but you have to choose your intermediary wisely to turn out profitable in the long term. To help you with this choice, TU experts have analyzed the market and found what seems like the best proprietary trading platform, especially for beginners.

Important aspects

When you’re choosing a company with funded accounts, it’s important to pay attention to some crucial features. First of all, experts check out how the company is regulated, where it’s registered, and how it stores its funds. While you don’t risk your own money here, you still should care about your profits, so it’s also important to know how withdrawals work. Experts also analyze trading conditions, educational programs, account types, bonuses, and so on. Finally, it is always helpful to check out online reviews: ordinary users can reveal more real information about any company.

Best funded account

Judging by all these aspects, there’s definitely a prop trading company that stands out among all of its competitors: TopstepTrader. Registered in the USA, this company is a pretty old and reliable financial intermediary with more than 6,000 active funded accounts. This company is known to be very friendly for novices: you don’t have to invest anything before you pass the test, and there are all kinds of great educational materials that can help you prepare for it or simply learn the basics of Forex trading. This company also has simulated accounts that can be used for practice.

Trading conditions

When it comes to trading conditions, TopstepFX has pretty average terms. The leverage rate goes up to 1:100, and there are several available trading instruments. You can trade currency pairs or futures with this company, but there are almost no bonuses here and no passive income options. All in all, it’s a great choice for day traders who feel experienced enough to manage pretty large deposits. There’s also a referral program that can also be used to generate some income by attracting new users with your referral links.

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