Trends in Landing Page Design in 2022

If you’ve been using the Internet for quite some time, you’ve probably heard something about landing pages. Landing pages have many competitive advantages over traditional websites for attracting potential customers and are simply more appropriate to use in some cases. Currently, 40% of top marketers use landing pages as part of their marketing strategy. That’s a good indicator, isn’t it? So let’s analyze together the appropriateness of their use, and let’s break down some trends for landing pages in 2022.

Landing Page and its Features

We could go straight to the trends, but let’s have a little theory. First of all, we need to thoroughly know and understand what are the landing pages, and in addition understand their advantages and disadvantages. Landing pages are an extremely popular phenomenon in recent years in web development. All large and serious companies use them in their projects. A landing page can be anything on your site, but more often than not, it is created for a specific purpose. This one-page site is used to get and convert traffic.

Advantages of the Landing

  • Specific offer – as mentioned above, sales pages fully focus the user’s attention on the company’s offer and smoothly, but persistently lead him to place an order or perform another action.
  • Simplicity – sales pages have a fairly simple structure so that here the user is not confused by links and the structure of the site. A small price in comparison with multi-page sites.
  •  Lightweight site – the client will not run away from you to your competitors while waiting for the loading page.
  • Quickly created – Compared to multi-page sites, quality landing pages are created very quickly – from 1 day to start a landing page template, to 5 days to develop and fill from scratch.

Disadvantages of the Landing

Branding cannot be the only channel of communication with the audience in a serious online business. The task of a business is not only to attract new clients and make sales but also to build an audience loyal to the company or brand, to retain and return clients, which, unfortunately, a web page is not able to do.

Active and rather intrusive selling, which simply annoys users. When creating a sales page do not use hackneyed templates, turns of phrase, and appeals. The user will notice the stylized nature of your page and will lose trust.

High competition with multi-page sites in popular niches.

A landing page sells only one product, service, or offer and is not suitable for promoting a large assortment.

What About Trends?

Now that we have fully understood the subject area, let’s move on to the main question. What trends will be on top for landing page development in 2022?

Explanatory Videos

One of the top web design trends of 2022 is a video on landing pages.

Short videos allow the user to become familiar with the product or service that the company provides. In many cases, it is a demonstration of the product and its description in a voice-over.

Many people question whether this should be considered a trend or not. However, most factors indicate that it would be a really useful thing. What user wouldn’t be happy to be shown explanatory videos that illustrate the product and its use?

However, it’s worth making sure that the video on the landing page is short and focused, no more than 2-3 minutes, so you can get your message across to the customer without losing their interest.

Micro Animations

In 2022, the trend of micro-animations is expected to grow. Thin GIFs and animations can not only bring your landing page to life, providing a more engaging experience for visitors, but also effectively highlight key sections.

Of course, different animations will give your page personality as well as creativity. This will make it look different from your competitors. Think about how items move on a wheel or a curved line rather than on a flat plane.

This will be a very interesting and useful step in the design of the landing page.

Adaptive Design

We pay a lot of attention to colors, fonts, but sometimes completely forget about the technical component of design. Namely the adaptation of your landing page for mobile devices.

By making your landing pages mobile-responsive, you will open up a whole new world of conversions. The bottom line is pretty simple, we all browse a lot of different social media and other content through our phones or tablets.

So if a potential customer comes across an ad, it would be very frustrating to offer them something that just can’t be viewed on a mobile device. And believe me, they won’t remember the name of your brand and won’t look for it when they later find themselves in front of a desktop computer. So in 2022, this is simply a must for a successful landing page.

Colorful Dreamy Backgrounds

We live in a time when seemingly primitive things can make your work a real masterpiece. Using the right background for your landing page is just that case. It’s safe to say that we can expect even more dreamy, gradient backgrounds on landing pages in 2022.

As a result, these backgrounds are not distracting and give your page a very nice look.

In addition, such gradient backgrounds will add depth to your design without increasing page load time.

Big Titles

One factor in attracting attention is big, bold headlines and concise messages. It’s no secret that the Internet is a very busy place, and potential customers have less time to visit more sites.

Best of all, large headlines are often combined with smaller subtext to give the user more context. This way you will not only be able to attract a customer, but you won’t lose the quality of the page content.


And so we’ve taken a detailed look at landing pages and figured out their pros and cons. In addition, we broke down the really special cases that will be in trend not only this year but next year as well.

Landing is a great weapon in the hands of professionals. This type of site is popular and brings a good income, promoting products and services.

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