The Unexpected Ways to Use an Email Signature

Despite billions of people using email, despite billions of emails being sent and received daily, despite email marketing having high returns on investment, only 52% of professionals have an email signature. Suppose you are a freelancer, small business owner, or part of a conglomerate and have an email signature, congratulations! If not, before you read on, it is time to set yourself up for success and get an email signature.

It is clear why over half of the professionals use email signatures, and the number of users is growing each year with the email signature space projected to grow over the years continually. Once you have an email signature, you need to make sure you get the most from it. While some of the benefits of email signatures are obvious, some are not so obvious.

We have created a list of the unexpected ways to use an email signature to make sure you get the most from your dollars spent on email signatures.

Increasing email replies

An email signature is a great place to share information that cannot fit into your email body text but can significantly benefit your email campaign efforts. In the world of digital marketing and automated customer service, it seems almost impossible to interact with humans when you are trying to reach out to companies, unusually large conglomerates. From creating market segments to adding the recipient’s first name in the subject line, there are so many things needed to make a marketing campaign appear more personalized.

A personal email signature that includes your photo will make your emails look more human and make you and your brand seem more personalized and accessible. As a result, this can contribute towards increasing email replies.

Promoting YouTube videos

Your email signature is what readers see in the end, and it is a great place to direct them towards your other content marketing channels. For example, if you have a webinar you would like to promote or have any other valuable content that you want to share with your audience, promote your Youtube videos on your email signature.

Whether it is a specific thing you want to promote or a constant stream of content you have planned, Youtube is a great video content platform. Sometimes mixing it all up is key to ensure your target audience is engaged and so that you consistently give them value and give them something fresh. So, promoting your Youtube video is an unexpected way to use an email signature that is sure to provide you with the desired results.

Getting more app installs

App downloads are on the rise because more companies are investing in apps and two because these companies are doing a good job promoting these apps. If you have invested resources in developing an app, go the extra mile in promoting it as well.

An email signature button that directs your consumers to the Google Play or App Store is a great way to direct your prospects towards downloading your app. If someone is subscribing to your email content, it means that they are interested in learning about you and your efforts, so make the most of this interest. Promote your mobile app through your email signature and get more app installs from interested users.

Collecting reviews at dedicated review platforms

An online review can dictate an online purchase. So, reviews are very, very important. But how can you collect them? You can add a banner or call to action or CTA that directs your readers to a review platform. Reviews are great and they can help you gain credibility in your industry and showcase your user experience.

Email subscribers are great people to get these reviews from because chances are they are subscribing to your content because they have had some interaction with your brand. Plus, reviews are also an excellent way for a business to assess what they are doing and the impact that their efforts are having on their target audience.

So, maximize your email signature’s benefits by making it a place to collect valuable user reviews by redirecting your users to dedicated review platforms. This strategy will ensure even the information collection process is professional and reliable while giving your business the vital customer information it needs.

Promoting your portfolio or CV

This promotion tactic is one of the most unexpected ways to use an email signature, regardless of whether you are an independent worker or a business. Promoting your portfolio or CV is a great way to showcase your industry experience and expertise. Remember personalizing in key with email signatures as you want to make sure that connect and authenticity is maintained in each customer and brand interaction.

So, along with including the sender’s photo, have things like their LinkedIn profile as well. Make sure their LinkedIn profile states their current company and role and the company website. This company website needs to be included in the email signature as well. What this does is that it allows the reader to explore the particular sender and their roles and achievements within the company. Promoting your portfolio or CV through your email signature can let your customers and prospects get a one step closer to making a buying decision.

Email signatures are a great way to add more value to your email marketing campaign. As the popular phrase says, save the best for the last– your email signature is genuinely a chance to leave your readers with a lasting impression of your brand. Whether it is promoting your ongoing marketing efforts or understanding your user experience, there are many unexpected ways to use an email signature. Remember, each marketing channel and tool is an opportunity for you to showcase your brand in an integrated manner.

So, being mindful of these tips will make sure that you are optimizing your marketing efforts by making the most of all the resources you have at your disposal and ultimately getting your desired return on investment or ROI.

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