How Virtual Phone Numbers Help in Work from Home

When starting up a business, a simple thing like a phone system can often be overlooked. However, adopting a virtual phone number is ever so important. These lines tend to work as an extensive call-forwarding solution.

It’s a good alternative solution where incoming calls are transferred to each employee’s cell or home phone. It then connects those who call a main business phone number to remote workers on their mobile or home phones. A good example is a number like 0345 from cNumber.

These lines aren’t assigned to a specific location that could be based anywhere in the UK. Due to this, many businesses interested in cNumber lines are often curious to know what the call costs 0345 are, it’s benefits, etc.

How Virtual phone numbers benefit businesses:

Usability: Small businesses can now choose a host of options that were once only reserved for big corporations. If the phone system was too slow or inconsistent like a traditional landline system, that’s bad. It can seriously discourage clients from calling again.

Voicemail: Few, if any, businesses can operate without the ability to receive messages from customers. Because of the growth of Virtual Systems, there are a lot more features regarding voicemail. Messages can be sent to email or text and you can even transcribe your messages.

However, businesses should consider the importance of these features before paying for them.

Toll-free: If the majority of your business is within the market, there may not be a need to add a toll-free number. But expansion beyond your local area makes the toll-free option attractive for clients. It also provides an opportunity for customization.

Call routing: This is a crucial feature for any sales or service business. Businesses risk losing a potential sale if someone goes to voicemail instead of a human being. Other calls that may not require immediate attention can get routed through an attendant for a callback.

The sophistication of virtual lines are their routing systems. They allow for a high level of adjustment that can even accommodate a particular time of day when call volumes might be higher. Or when staff is stretched thin making service or client calls.

Other basics: Conference calling, call forwarding, missed call notifications, caller ID, extension dialing, and call transferring. These are all some of the basic features you should expect to get. Each of which are extremely crucial in the process of conducting business.


A lot of most businesses’ success depends on how they present themselves. As such all businesses can benefit from some sort of business phone system. It is critical for businesses to always present themselves professionally.

Letting clients call on a business line answered by an automated attendant is an excellent way to achieve that. Even businesses that don’t want to spend money on a full-fledged phone system can benefit by using a virtual system. For those curious on call costs 0345, make sure to check what the available options and details from cNumber are.

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