Why VPN is Necessary? [Detailed Guide]

For the past few years, it is not a surprise that the number of people using the VPN service has increased as internet users are realizing security threats are out there. All the internet banking that we do, for what so ever reason, and the file sharing we must have to be sure that any information travelling over the internet is well protected and not fall into wrong hands. This has caused many people to explore more options for having the best service at an affordable price for security. We can use VPN as a security service that offers secure tunnels through which your online traffic can move over the Internet. They are secure because they use End-to-End Encryption, NAT Firewall, Malware Protection and Best VPN protocols to make sure that any activity you perform doesn’t get effected by any internet threat are out there. We will discuss these threats in this article later on vpn veteran.

About the VPN:

First of let’s just talk about the features the VPN offers but before we get in to more detail, it is important to understand that there are a lot of VPN Service Providers in the market and a lot of them are free and a few of them are not free but they don’t use the most advance technologies, so before selecting the Best VPN Service for your device (s), consider choosing a Premium VPN Service providers such as CASVPN, NordVPN or ExpressVPN. They offer the following features and a lot more.

  • Malware Protection – VPN comes with a malware protection system that detects any malicious software through its servers and eliminates them so they never reach your system or devices. It is a complete solution for you to protect yourself from malware living in the Internet world.
  • Encryption – The greatest benefit of VPN is its encryption technology. All the data goes out over the internet is encrypted fully so that your data packet remains safe. Most American companies uses VPN as they have secretive and confidential information that has to travel over the internet while universities and schools have also started using VPN so students and teachers can share information securely.   Some VPN providers uses military grade encryption method which is the safest and AES 256-bit encryption is among the best technology available.
  • Internet censorship workaround – Every country has its own ruling on what its citizens can view or access and what they cannot. This more of agenda driven than considering about individual freedom or the choice an individual can make. They restrict the entry on any website or application they deem can harm the Government but with VPN you can conquer the world of Internet as VPN eliminates the content censorship so you can watch good adventure movies and other genres movies like action, comedy crime, etc you want; any music you want to listen to or any content you want to access with no hassle.
  • Public Wi-Fi security – VPN uses End-to-End encryption technology along with malware protection and NAT firewall so you can use any public Wi-Fi with ease.
  • Fast Speed VPN Servers – VPN servers provide seamless browsing and downloading speed along with the and stable Internet Connections to enhance your online experience.
  • Best VPN Protocols – Protocols used in a VPN are secure, such as OPENVPN (TCP & UDP), L2TP over IPsec, PPTP, IKEv1, IKEv2 and Open Connect (SSL VPN), to protect all your devices always.
  • Multi device protection – Most VPN Services offers multi device login, you can connect up to 5 devices at a time such as you can secure your desktop along with MAC, Windows, IPhone, tablets, and Android mobiles. Just get one VPN account and use it on all devices you use and secure them all.

Options are endless and they are easy to find but remember to get best VPN for yourself and according to your need. As discussed above premium VPN’s such as CASVPN, NordVPN and ExpressVPN use a 256-bit-encryption or other double encryption techniques equivalent to Military Grade Security which make these VPN’s more reliable and these companies also have Ad-Blockers to further enhance your user experience.

The threats and their remedies

In a nutshell, yes. It just offers way too much in such a reasonable price that the VPN industry is holding a market cap of $22 billion and increasing at a rapid pace. But first we need to understand how VPN works and where VPN can be useful.

  • Security within the System:

There are two stages of protection necessary to safeguard your systems the first is at the system level for which we use anti-viruses, Firewall and malware software to ensure our system can fight off viruses that tries to enter your system through corrupt USB’s or a disc you use or sharing of a file through Blue tooth or over the internet. It can refer this to securing your home from inside.

  • Security Over the internet:

But like anti-viruses protects your data from inside the system VPN secures your data when it is traveling over the internet. There are a lot of security threats over the internet and that can be in websites, apps etc. or in other systems that your system come into contact with. Your data moves from one place to another through servers and we need to ensure transmission of data is secure.

Now we have established the fact of how VPN works, let us explore the vulnerabilities that can be harmful to our devices.

  1. Malware Protection:

Malware is a malicious software code that can harm your computer and other devices such as a threat to your personal and sensitive data, private videos, images, home address, passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers.  There are many types of Malware such as Adware, Viruses, Ransomware, spy eyes and Trojan horses. VPN offers secure tunnel that includes a layer of security with Malware Protection, NAT-Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Intrusion Detection System and End-to-End Encryption in them to protect your online traffic from all the malicious software.

Types of Malware:

  • Virus: They can attach themselves to any clean files so you download that file without knowing and once it enters your system; it attacks all the sensitive data and corrupt the files present in your system.
  • Trojans: Trojans can disguise itself as a legitimate software and again once you download the corrupted software Trojans enter your system and starts attacking security protocols. The most common way Hackers use is deploying Trojans, as it weakens security protocols that allows other malicious software to enter the system.
  • Spyware: As name suggest Spyware keep tabs on all online activities that you perform even internet banking.
  • Ransomware: Unlike Spyware, ransomware is dangerous as the main aim of ransomware is to collect sensitive data such as account numbers, passwords, Videos, and pictures and then they encrypt using their personal key so you can no longer access your own information. Once they encrypt the data they then ask for Ransom money in return else, they threaten to make all of your information public.
  • Worms: Worms can sense the weakness in the network connection and enters from that side and it only requires a small opening to enter the system and once it enters it corrupts all the files that are there and this Worm can even damage any other device that comes in contact with your device.
  1. Online Traffic Monitoring:

Governmental institutions, hackers, ISP’s can monitor what you are doing online. It is true they are monitoring all your activities you perform online. In recent times, in France they passed a bill where they have selected institution that are all there to monitor whatever you do on the internet. In such situations a VPN can help you by hiding your IP address and Location and encrypting your data that travels online. These new Internet Policies are making the use of VPN a necessity. We look at latest development to internet policies that has crippled the right of internet freedom in some countries.

  • Why use VPN in USA: In America, they changed the FCC Regulations in 2017, according to which ISPs require to the get consent from the internet user, whether they can give your browsing history or online activities to third parties or not, but ISPs are not following this rule and they have been selling user’s activities without their consent. If you think they are violating your privacy, then guard yourself by using CASVPN or other premium VPN service provider. VPN will help of most advanced protocols you to safe guard your privacy and sensitive data from local agencies and other institutes.  
  • Why use VPN in Australia: In 2012, the Australian Government made the new policy to through which retention of data became mandatory for at least last of two years by ISPs and Telecommunication Companies. So all the activities you have conducted from your mobile devices or desktops or any other system your two years’ history will remain with them.
  • Why use VPN in France: In 2013, they passed the law which allowed French Intelligence and government officials to spy on internet traffic of every citizen and even people who are visiting France.
  • Why use VPN in Canada: Canada is no different, through the Legislative Bills like C-11 and C-51, it allows the government authorities to monitor online traffic of every citizen and tourist.
  • Why use VPN Germany: Germany has also killed the user’s freedom as the federal court of the country has allowed the intelligence companies to keep tabs on all internet activities as part of strategic security interests. 
  1. Internet Censorship:

VPN is not just there to protect you. It also liberates you online so you can enjoy the basic human rights including freedom of speech and personal privacy. VPN will also unblock all the blocked content, whether it be government censorship or regional censorship. Be that because of educational institutes, governments, or big corporates, it ensures you to access all the content online from anywhere in the world. Through the use of VPN this problem gets eliminated and you can access American Netflix, which has the wildest range of movies and dramas, even if you are living in Europe. Same goes for Hulu and KODI, you not be able to access it without a VPN. 


So going back on the question about VPN being worth it or not well looking at the features they offer and most importantly the safety and security it provides it is easy to say it is worth it. We spend a lot of money to protect our mobiles and laptops by buying protective covers so why not spend money on internet security and keep yourself secure and go about our business with ease of mind. For the few bucks per month, you get best online protection, which is hassle free and requires no input, with unlimited access to all the blocked content online and do internet banking knowing that our information is safe.

As for countries where huge amount of content is blocked either by the government or by the website owners, VPN is the best to access them. Now we can watch American football, Basketball or soccer whenever we want. You can even bring the great firewall of china down with a good VPN. So get a VPN and protect yourself today.

It is not advisable to use free VPN’s as they are not good enough to provide you with much needed protection and they have weak servers. CASVPN, Nord VPN and Express to name the few have high quality and dedicated servers that are super-fast along with the military grade protection system makes them the best VPN providers along the globe and are highly recommended and the fact that they give 24/7 support really helps when some issues arises. CASVPN although newer to market but they are trend setters as they have been using the most advance technology. Express and Nord VPN are great too. So if you want to protect yourself go with the paid VPN service providers.


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