Ways to get natural links

There are a lot of ways to get Natural Backlinks, but there are not so many scalable and safe ones. Let’s consider some services that will help you increase the natural link mass of the site.

Crowd marketing

This is the process of getting links from forums, Q&A sites, and under feature articles. Telling about your product in thematic communities is a natural promotion.

If you adhere to the principles of natural link building, then the search engine is unable to recognize where a crowd marketer writes a comment on the forum and where it is not. Indeed, in any case, this is done by a person, and if both answers are equally high-quality and useful, then what is the problem?


  • find a live community where people ask questions about your topic;
  • register;
  • join in communication;
  • help people solve their problems;
  • if possible, put a link to your product.

Building relationships (networking)

This will encourage people to talk about your product and lead to natural links. Business breakfasts, conferences, webinars, and personal meetings will help you build relationships with both specialists in your niche and opinion leaders.

However, it is important to make the best materials in the niche. Only if you make really good materials will it work.

Post exchange

Exchange is good, but in a different implementation:

  • find company blogs in your niche;
  • contact them;
  • offer to exchange guest blog posts.

Do this only on the condition that you and your partner prepare really useful materials, and not for the sake of a link.

In addition, you can apply to a guest posting agency, where you will get professional help and the required link mass.


Get creative with bartering! If you have a physical product, a platform, or a service, let people test it. Try to reach out to consumers in your niche, to opinion leaders, and to journalists. This method makes sense if you have a quality product.

Ratings and microservices

Create free tools that people will be interested in. Comparing yourself to each other is a natural human desire. Give me such an opportunity and make some free micro-services. For example, with the foundation calculator which will be used by the entire industry – the growth of links is inevitable.

Informational occasions: gifts, discounts, bonuses, contests, and promotions

Give people a reason to talk about you. Create an interesting offer and distribute it:

  • Make a special offer in honor of the World Cup or the Olympics.
  • Invite people to your office and arrange branded prizes there.
  • Organize a referral program and make a competition with prizes.
  • Informational reason for getting natural discounts.

If you implement at least one of these methods, the growth of high-quality natural links is guaranteed.

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