What Is a Canned Food Vacuum Detector? And How Does It Is Work?

Clients expect nothing less than safe and healthy products when buying canned food. That’s achievable with clean and high-quality production equipment and facilities. Nevertheless, contaminants and metal particulates can find their way into canned food during packaging. Food production machinery and components can wear out and shed particles.

Such particles can be a serious threat to the health and well-being of consumers. Unfortunately, they are hard to detect, hence the need to use high-end canned food vacuum detectors. At Seal-Check, we develop ultra-efficient and reliable canned food detection machines that use advanced technologies to scan for the existence of harmful particulates.

What Is a Canned Food Vacuum Detection Machine?

A canned food vacuum indicator is a multi-feature equipment with a vacuum chamber designed to test the food cans for leaks and integrity. The machine subjects the food cans to a vacuum background, which scans the seams for strength and robustness. It shows a pressure difference when the can has damage or leak. If it shows no pressure difference, then the can has no leaks. 

The canned food vacuum gauge can also detect contaminants in canned foods. Pollutants and other particulates inside food cans are hard to see using standard metal or vacuum detectors. They need a multipurpose detector with the capacity to evaluate the can for leaks and the food for contaminants.

Top canned food vacuum detector manufacturers continually upgrade the features and functions of their canned food detectors to boost productivity and accuracy. They work closely with canned food manufacturers to collect market intelligence to develop their future detectors better. Manufacturers can guarantee quality and safety assurance to their canned food customers by conducting regular leaks and contaminants inspections.

How Do Canned Food Vacuum Detection Machines Work?

Canned food vacuum detection machines use advanced inspection technology to detect contaminants present in the food without damaging the food or cans. These technologies are examined for safety and proven effective for conducting such vital inspection tasks.

Different detection machines serve various purposes within the canned food production and delivery stages. While the standard metal detector can detect contaminants at the initial stages, it cannot work once the canning process is over.

The canned food vacuum detection machine uses a high-end detection algorithm to test for the presence of a vacuum in the food can. It also detects proper lid positioning and the existence of said lid. Multi-stage vacuum detection systems eject cans without vacuuming from the detection line. In addition to this, machines discontinue the testing process for food cans with no caps and those with improperly closed lids. This measure ensures none of the containers causes any problems during the heat treatment.

Some advanced canned food vacuum detection systems have self-learning functions and programming features. They are programmable to reference programs, entering data such as tolerated planarity, minimal acceptable vacuum value, and cap or container dimensions.

With the advanced units using superior detection algorithms, you get more accurate detection results. They are accurate enough to reflect errors in the cap edge profile variation and those reflected due to the distance between the caps. You can also find ultramodern canned food vacuum detection machines with acoustic and visual alarms, user-friendly user panels, and other advanced features.

Wrap Up

Hundreds of globally recognized and credible companies create and sell top-tier canned food vacuum detection machines. Similarly, hundreds of other unreliable manufacturers make replicas of these vacuum detection machines from established manufacturers. Working directly with a trustworthy and established manufacturer can guarantee you assurance of quality and reliable machines. For top-notch and affordable yet reliable and efficient canned food vacuum detection machines, get in touch with Seal-Check.

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