What will be the top MarTech trends in 2023?

Digital marketing evolves constantly, and any company that wants to stay on top of the game should follow these changes. So what MarTech trends are going to be especially important this year? Let’s find out!

1. It’s going to be all about brand safety

Nowadays, consumers look not only at the offer of the brand and quality of their products and/or services. Instead, they pay attention to their ethics and stances on various cultural and political issues too. We could see that perfectly in 2022 when a number of companies tried to avoid displaying their ads next to the news about the war in Ukraine, which could lead consumers to believe they profit from this devastating situation. The latest example was an exodus of advertisers from Twitter when Elon Musk bought the platform, and it caused the downgrade of moderation. This MarTech trend should only speed up in 2023 and lead brands to carefully select their marketing partners.

2. The importance of personalised video content

The second MarTech trend is all about video content. Statistics show that this type of ad is key for consumers as video ads gather much higher click-through rates than static ones. Internet users prefer this format, and 96% of them will watch explainers before they decide to buy a product. Creating videos that won’t be skipped by the viewers is quite hard, especially if they’re longer than 15 seconds. In 2023, short-form personalised video ads should become another rising trend, and brands will be fighting to increase their completion rates.

3. The rise of contextual targeting

With the rapidly approaching phasing out of 3rd party cookies, businesses are looking for privacy-friendly alternatives for reaching internet users. A lot of them rediscover the old good contextual targeting, which is a method of displaying ads based on the content of a particular website the user visits. Thanks to deep learning, brands have a much easier time tailoring the content to the interests of their potential customers, and the targeting is based on 1st party cookies.

4. The role of in-game ads and CTV devices

Another MarTech trend that will gain traction in 2023 is adapting to consumer preferences regarding the placement of advertising content. A lot of users choose to consume it on-demand through various Connected TV devices (CTV). This way, they gain access to a number of services such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+, which also opens up some new exciting channels to advertisers. The gaming environment is another option worth exploring, as in-game ads will be directed to people with a relatively high purchasing power.

5. Chatbot popularity

Chatbots won’t go away in 2023. Quite the opposite! Customers want to engage with brands more and more, which also includes opening up new channels of communication such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack. That doesn’t have to result in hiring hundreds of new employees focused on tracking the chat lines. You can ensure this task to AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT to get the most effective results.

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