What’s the Best Way to Sign Documents Electronically (Without Scanning Them)?

Tired of printing, signing and then scanning documents that require your signature, or faxing them? It is simple to create an electronic signature and to add it to your Word, PDF, and other documents. And several programmes now have digital signing functions built-in that add an additional layer of convenience and security.

Difference b/w Electronic & Digital signatures

First of all, let ‘s explain something: for all that they sound alike, electronic signatures and digital signatures are two separate things.
An electronic signature is simply a picture attached to a document with your signature, while a digital signature is encrypted data that shows you have obtained the document.

A simple digital signature would be okay for certain purposes, but a safe digital signature is highly recommended for more relevant documents.

Many of the apps like CocoSign you’re already using will apply a signature free of charge to a text. So, if you need to sign digital documents on a daily basis or just opt for it as it is compatible for mobile, tablets, computers, laptops etc.

CocoSign: The best E-Sign solution

Usually online signing is easy and quick, when the wrong online signing solution is in use, it can be a little challenging to sign pdf online. You can only be assured of individual signatures and unrivalled authentication by trustworthy online signers.

Choose a secure platform like CocoSign, for the best results. Anyone can embed a digital or electronic signature on their document with this application. Moreover, without even altering its format, you can sign your PDF document. Navigate to CocoSign to check electronic signatures, their styles, & create them.

How to sign your PDF document securely with CocoSign

We are going to use the same platform to sign PDF documents online in this process. In order to electronically label all your papers, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Creating an Account

To begin signing your papers, you will need to build a free account on CocoSign. Visit their website and register on their homepage for an account. Enter your email and build your account with a strong password. Note that your account can be opened by anyone with your password.

Step 2: Signature and Document Upload

You can build your signature on your online account after that. It can be done through your mousepad or a laser pen. You just need to draw your signature on the screen of your machine. If you face problems making a signature, your scanned signature can be uploaded.

Similarly, the file that you need to sign must be uploaded. It may take a bit of time to upload your signature and paper can take a few seconds on Cocosign.

Step 3: Incorporate Your Signature

In order to start the operation, click on the embed signature. It can ask you to use or draw a new signature with your saved signature. You can select the appropriate choice and click on the ‘Report Sign’ button.

Depending on the document’s size and design, the process can take some time. It takes a few more seconds for PDF documents than for a word document.

Step 4: Download your file or Share it

You will be able to retrieve your file from the same page after some time. It is up to you, however, whether you want to keep a copy of it on your computer system or share it with your online contacts directly via CocoSign. Try this today!

Features offered by CocoSign

Basically, there are only a few applications that can sign a PDF document. Another fascinating thing about this application is that for legal procedures, you will use these signatures. This ensures that your signatures are considered as equally credible as your wet signature.

In its signature embedding process, this application also provides some additional layers of protection. It offers the following features;

Simple to Use

Using CocoSign to sign documents online is simple to use. What you need to do is draw your signature from the signature editor or upload a signature image that has already been scanned. You may also share the connexion from the document with the other party to sign as well.

Support Multiple Users At A Time

CocoSign is the way to go if you need several people to sign their individual waivers or a petition. The bulk online document signer for the platform enables large numbers of individuals to register their individual signatures at once.


The link and all file transfers or downloads are made very secure by 256-bit SSL-encryption. In addition, via several authentication methods, all electronic signatures drawn on the CocoSign platform are protected and verifiable.


Do you know that by using CocoSign, you get all of this ease, speed and reliability for free? At zero cost, you can sign hundreds of documents using the website.

Cloud Storage Access

Since the programme for online document signing is cloud-based, all documents are stored in the cloud through storage services such as DropBox and GoogleDrive. As compared to shelving, this is a more effective way of storing papers.

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