When is it necessary to rent a server(s)?


Renting a server(s) (https://deltahost.com/dedicated.html)allows you to solve many different tasks, for example, it can be useful to you if you need to place your office, or store data from your site(s).

The rented server(s) can be used as a mail or proxy server, or used for hosting. Renting a server (s) is very often used by various organizations for the operation of such important software systems as 1C. The gaming industry also does not bypass such a tool. Its potential is really great, while it is much cheaper than buying a server.

Renting a server (s) – the subtleties of selection

When choosing one or another server, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the tasks that you face. Namely, what performance do you need, how long do you plan to use the server, what financial capabilities do you have, your knowledge of the functionality of servers.

There are a number of key or decisive factors for choosing a server(s):

  1. Equipment installed on the server and its characteristics;
  2. The cost of rent;
  3. Physical location of rented servers;
  4. Terms of installation of the selected equipment;
  5. Availability of technical support;
  6. Management and access to the server(s).

In this case, first of all, you should pay attention to the uninterrupted operation of the server (s), to security both from the software side and from the physical side. And, of course, ease of management.

Renting a server(s) becomes more accessible and understandable

Mistakes in choosing a server can bring not only financial losses, but also your reputation. Loss of data or equipment failure at the most inopportune moment can cause serious damage. To avoid this, it is better to contact the specialists once and solve all the issues at once.
Renting a server(s) from DeltaHost will allow you to optimally enter this part of the IT sphere. There are a number of obvious benefits that you won’t find with other companies.

Firstly, all the offered servers have been working uninterruptedly and reliably for quite a long time. The proposed options are located in Ukraine, the Netherlands and the USA, which will allow you not to be afraid of legal issues.

Secondly, “Deltahost” is extremely scrupulous about the protection of servers, protection at the software and physical levels has a maximum level.

Thirdly, the rented servers have modern high-performance equipment, these are Intel XEON E3 and CORE I3 processors, RAM in the range of 16-128 GB, physical memory from 250 GB to 8 TB, bandwidth 1 Gbit / s, and traffic up to 20 TB. And all this is presented in various variations, you only need to select the appropriate server and you will have round-the-clock access to the server, seven days a week and with the ability to manage power. At the same time, the installation of the server, depending on the complexity, only takes from 1 to 3 days.

Fourthly, renting a server (s) with competent specialists and professional technical support becomes not only an easy task, but also a pleasant one.

And finally, renting a server (s) from Deltahost is not only pleasant and understandable, but also economical. The pricing policy will allow you to choose the best option for your tasks.

If you doubt the need for a server or the quality of Deltahost services, you can try the server in test mode. Convince yourself of the professionalism of Deltahost. Three steps and you get the server(s) for rent. Everything is very simple and affordable.

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