Why Do People Record Transcripts, and What Is Good About It?

A transcript is a word-for-word written version of a video or audio recording. You create it by listening to a recorded audio/ video conversation and typing out everything you hear. The person who does this work is a transcriber or transcriptionist.

Why Are Transcripts Important?

People convert conversations from audio to text for a variety of reasons. The audio file could be a recording of a call, meeting, interrogation, interview, academic lecture, seminar, speech, sermon, or doctor’s instructions. Here’s why transcribing can be beneficial to your business.

  • Improved Accuracy in the Transfer of Information

When listening to audio/video files, one may misunderstand the intended message due to factors such as the pronunciation or accent of the speaker. A slight misinterpretation may have harsh implications for error-sensitive industries such as the medical and legal fields. A human transcriber will listen to a file carefully, contextualize the conversation and convert the audio to text. Reading the written version of a conversation gives you a clearer understanding of what each speaker said compared to listening.

  • Easy Record-Keeping

Audio and video files are not the most accessible and convenient data storage methods. Firstly, they take up a lot of space to store and share. On the other hand, written documents are smaller files that you can easily send in different formats.

  • Subtitling and Captioning for Videos

Movie producers and TV program editors rely on transcripts to create subtitles or captions for their shows. They breed understanding and engagement.

  • Better Marketing Strategies

Recorded transcripts can be invaluable resources in a company’s marketing strategy. You can use the written transcripts of speeches, webinars, or interviews to generate different social media marketing content, such as blogs, posts, or landing page content. Marketing content that contains relevant keywords is essential for achieving a high SEO ranking, which will translate to more organic traffic and, consequently, additional sales.

  • Enhanced Comprehension

You only need to read specific parts of a transcript instead of listening to the entire audio to get the information you need. You can also read at your own pace and highlight sections of interest.

  • A Basis for Translation

Translators will find it easier to convert a document into another language compared to a video/audio file, and translation is vital for multinational companies.

  • Wider Audience Reach

People opt to consume content in various formats. Some people like to watch videos or listen to audio, while others prefer reading. By creating transcripts, you can reach the many readers around the world. Additionally, the written content is easy to share. Moreover, when you transcribe your files, you accommodate people with hearing impairments.

What Are the Key Aspects to Consider When Creating Transcripts?

Creating transcripts for your audio/video files will significantly benefit your business or profession. Remember the following factors when coming up with transcripts:

  • Finding the Right Transcription Solution

Achieving precision is vital in transcription to ensure that the information reaches the intended audience in its original meaning. It is crucial to enlist the services of professional human transcribers compared to speech recognition software. Otherwise, you won’t reach maximum transcript accuracy. While the price of hiring human transcriptionists might be higher than using AI tools, it’s worth it.

  • Using High-Quality Recordings

You must ensure that the audio or video doesn’t have too much background noise and that the speech is clear. This is how you achieve high-quality and error-free transcripts.

Final Thoughts

Creating transcripts for your audio/video files will significantly benefit your business or profession. Transcription will allow you to reach a broad global audience and provide a reliable and convenient way to store and share your content. Always remember to outsource reputable transcription companies such as GoTranscript for maximum accuracy. After all, you want your message to come across loud and clear.

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