WunderTrading: The Best Platform for Copy Trading Crypto

The crypto industry is incredibly complex and notoriously hard to predict. Forecasts from so-called industry experts are often wildly inaccurate. Despite this fact, many traders manage to achieve consistent profitability by following their unique strategies that work better than what many experts are using. If you want to achieve the same results, but do not have the talent or dedication required, simply use copy trading solutions.

What is copy trading software exactly?

The idea behind social trading is quite old. First forays in this domain were made by Forex brokers who wanted to focus on providing investment plans. Since many companies in that era were operating online-only, it was a logical decision to start exploring various elements of the web 2.0 philosophy with an emphasis on using social elements and exploiting user-generated content. In this particular case, the content was comprised of copy trading signals from experienced professionals who could reliably generate profits.

The crypto industry has a whole ocean of different assets. Tokens are issued by layer 1 networks like Ethereum, Algorand, Cardano, and many others. At the same time, layer 2 decentralized platforms deployed on these networks are also issuing tokens. Each asset represents a unique product. Frequently, a product that has never been seen before. This complexity makes traditional analytical approaches largely useless and often completely inefficient.

The required sophistication of a strategy that can reliably predict price movements created a very peculiar situation in the industry where only the best can thrive and reap the rewards of their labor while the vast majority sees nothing but despair in the long run. The answer to this problem is a product developed by WunderTrading — copy trading on crypto exchanges that support automation.

How does copy trading work?

While the principle is apparent: you find a trader you like and copy their orders, there is a host of issues that make the actual realization quite challenging even for the best vendors in the industry. For example, what if you follow a wildly successful trader, but you cannot copy their orders because they are placed on an exchange that you don’t use?

Another problem is the selection process. Finding a profitable trader is quite hard when you cannot just look at their history and check whether their claims about the great profits they are making are true or not. The absence of a dedicated social network is problematic and makes it impossible for an average retail trader to quickly identify a well-performing professional.

WunderTrading is a platform for copy trading that solves these problems by providing all its clients access to their unique product — the marketplace.

What is the marketplace on WunderTrading?

To access the market, you will need to connect your crypto exchange account to the platform and go to the dashboard where a button tagged “Marketplace” will send you to the page where you can select a great trader from the long list containing hundreds of entries. Each trader has several columns of information next to their name:

  • The nickname of the trader on the marketplace.
  • The exchange where they trade regularly.
  • Their overall results and performance metrics.
  • Their total ROI (return on investments).
  • The fee you will need to pay to follow them.

The only thing you need to do to start copying their orders is to click “follow”. Note that all traders have their approaches to making money by allowing traders to follow them. Some want to show off their skill and don’t take any fees. Some will demand a large upfront payment.

However, the big issue is whether their trading style suits your portfolio.

Professionals have distinct preferences and styles when trading. Long-term positions without any leverage using a huge amount of money at once — a strategy used by those who want to focus on spot exchanges. Intraday orders on ultra-short time frames are usually employed by professional scalpers who use leverage and focus on margin trading.

The last thing to consider is the potential return on your investments in a particular trader. While using copy trading for free is a lucrative proposition, it may be better to pay for a higher probability of earning money in the long run by following someone who has a perfect track record. A good thing is that WunderTrading offers you an opportunity to make an informed decision based on objective metrics.

While we are on the topic of free stuff, we must mention that WunderTrading has a basic plan for beginners that costs nothing. You can sign up for free and start using up to five different bots without paying a dime. If you need more flexibility, you can always expand your plan and pay for a higher-tier subscription.

What is the best copy trading platform?

Selecting the most fitting option for your portfolio and style is quite a challenge. However, there are several aspects in which a company should excel to provide a valuable product to any retail trader regardless of their background and portfolio size.

  • Having a diverse lineup of products. WunderTrading has a rich selection of automation tools that can be used to maximize your profits. While you may be interested only in products like copy trading for cryptocurrency pairs, there are other interesting solutions that may catch your attention. WunderTrading offers DCA, GRID, and Arbitrage bots.
  • Offering a stellar user experience. The dashboard on the website is designed to facilitate fast-paced scripting, effortless bot deployment, and intuitive navigation without overwhelming users with redundant information and unnecessarily complicated graphs and tables. Instead, you will be using a slick interface with just enough features to build and deploy bots quickly.
  • Stability of the platform. Without a robust web infrastructure, a web service won’t be able to provide a good user experience and ensure that clients not only enjoy their time on the platform but also make profits. To ensure that the auto copy trading products work flawlessly, WunderTrading invests heavily in building a resilient backend that never has any significant downtime.

The main takeaway

WunderTrading has a value-generating product that can drastically change the way your approach crypto investments. With the copy trading service, you will be able to trade like a true pro without dedicating time and effort to learning the market. It is a great choice for both professional investors and novice retail traders looking for novel ways to learn more about technical analysis and trading techniques employed by seasoned veterans.

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