YouTube’s Handiest Educational and Training Channels

Have you ever tried seeking motivation for self-development or things you could learn how to do with the help of YouTube channels?

With billions of views on a daily basis, YouTube offers videos for every taste and topic. All you need to do is search the subject of interest and whatever you need, you’ll find it on YouTube. Several thousand creators are churching out videos every day. The partner program that it offers has united great minds of every field to come and pass on their knowledge.

Some of these are self-improvement videos, educational videos, and videos that pump you up so you’re willing to do whatever it takes. What you learn from these videos is very valuable and can even train you to acquire valuable professional skills. There are so many options that it’s hard not to get distracted. Yet, there are particular channels out there that truly demand recognition and are worth considering for those with a continuous yearning to learn and better themselves. There is more to YouTube than mere TV show segments, pranks, and people telling love stories. There is an ongoing trend of channels discussing technical topics and research.

For your convenience, we’ve assembled the most astounding video channels that will sharpen your intelligence. Thus, if you’d prefer to be able to view videos at any location whether or not you have a connection to the internet, you’d be well-advised to add these programs to keep your development in progress at all times.

21 Educational and Self-Improvement Channels on YouTube

There is a myriad of such video content to choose from in this segment. Thus, finding the best videos to devote your time to is no easy task. The content that is produced is never-ending. You might find yourself searching and searching without really ever watching anything. To simplify that process for you, we’ve put together the list of the best channels on YouTube focusing on self-improvement, personal growth, and education.

1. Education channel

The first content people should watch who are new to YouTube self-improvement, Education Channel features a sea of videos for learning made by various YouTube channels. This wonderous channel offers videos on a great variety of subjects. These range from training, marketing, and food and drink to taking apart electronics devices.

2. TED Talks Director

Among the most beloved YouTube channels is TED Talks Director, featuring content covering all kinds of subjects, such as athletics, painting, self-improvement, inspirational speeches, marketing, money management, scheduling your days, sales, medicine, and biology — this channel covers it all.

This outfit is visited by particularly prominent, well-to-do figures who provide perspectives and you will certainly finish the videos with new perspectives and information you previously were unaware of.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare

When it comes to education, you can’t go wrong with the MIT OpenCourseWare channel. Whether it’s horticulture or rocket science, this channel offers you a university course right in the comfort of your home on your computer screen. Actual professors from the top-ranking schools make presentations on various fields of science. You could do much worse than to view MIT for your personal growth and educational aspirations.

4. Kurz Gesagt – In a nutshell

Originally a German hobby channel that its creators ran on their spare time, Kurz Gesagt – In a nutshell is now a project by designers and science enthusiasts. People loved it so much that, the founders involved employees into the process and started their own design bureau. Not only do the creators discuss scientific topics (such as the process of natural selection and the definition of life), but also address topical global issues.

To learn about a variety of subjects from wars to supernovas, check out the channel.

5. Khan Academy

A frequent front-runner among education channels, Khan Academy’s being listed here comes as no surprise. There’s nothing it doesn’t have! Whether geometry is what you’re seeking or if it’s rocket science or archeology, you’ll find it there. Salman Khan, who graduated MIT, is on a mission to render education more readily accessible. The man covers different areas in mathematics, science, and physiology, in addition to linguistics, in layman’s terms in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

Just select the subject of interest and learn right from your seat in the comfort of your house.


This channel features two Canadian bloggers who put out animated content on science and educational materials on a weekly basis. They address big subjects like getting old as well as simpler ones like whether one can rid oneself of his memory, what REM actually is, and the effect cellphones have on the head and the body.

7. Vsauce

This channel enjoys massive popularity. Their content has been viewed nearly a billion times. Michael Stevens who founded it discusses all kinds of peculiar facts of science in a humorous way. His style makes otherwise mundane things sound fascinating.

8. MinutePhysics

This is yet another source that features depictions of the world’s composition in addition to the peculiar natural phenomena that take place on it. MinutePhysics has won its popularity due to its ability to explain complicated phenomena in layman’s terms.

No wonder that it has amassed well over 200 million views now.

9. Sick Science!

Sick Science features a lot of exciting tests that anybody can conduct themselves in their own backyards. It won’t be hard to wow your loved ones and pals after following these videos’ instructions. The channel features experiments performed by a well-beloved teacher Steve Spangler.

10. CGP Grey

A broad spectrum of topics is covered on this source, from sports to biology to outer space. The content they create is short and sweet and is accompanied by their own style of humor.

11. Life Noggin

This channel depicts events we encounter day in, day out. Everything they talk about is short and sweet, and the more complicated topics are no exception. They discuss many things — elections, pop music, and more. They’ve got animated clips to help people understand scientific concepts as well as educating them in other fields. One thing the creators put into a video was how the Earth is going to look a century from now, the fact that our memories are real things, or the role laughter plays in relieving tension and aiding in survival.

12. Veritasium

If you enjoy engineering or are interested in it, you should really consider checking out this channel. You will be on the edge of your seat no doubt, as they explain things in terms simple enough for anybody to understand. They speak in layman’s terms without rendering things more complex than they need to be. Veritasium knows how to kick engineering up a notch. Its creator is an experiment lover who understands his craft very well, enjoying the adoration of many people and explains the operation of many different mechanisms with delight.

He combines exciting physics shows with conversations with scientists with whom he goes over issues in science. Some of the things you can check out on his channel are the world’s roundest object, a wheel that defies gravity with anti-Newtonian liquid, sea predators, boomerangs, among a smorgasbord of additional surprises.

13. Scishow

Everything Scishow covers is nothing but the most fascinating subjects. It tries to render your life more straightforward and depict everyday phenomena in a way that’s easy to understand. They cover the scientific side of regularly ongoing phenomena and answer any questions you may have.

14. CrashCourse

World history in a nutshell — this video tells it more fascinating than your grandpa. It doesn’t just cover history though, you can fill your noggin with physics, political science, and stoichiometry too, just to list a few of the subjects. The brothers offer a source of unending crash courses on the history of the planet, reading, and philosophy (biology and stoichiometry as well). The hosts keep things sounding exciting and keep their audience on the edge of their seats. The hosts discuss very complicated scientific topics in layman’s terms.

The materials to be viewed are published in the form of a course: on the process of film creation, astronomy, physiology, and even forensics.

15. Computerphile

For those computer geeks out there who would like to know more about the field or would like to work as a computer engineer someday, here is your new favorite source. Furthermore, they have a coding guide that offers you a path to plunge directly into the thick of it. It covers just about anything computer-science related!

16. Brussup

To dazzle party guests, Brussup will give you the subject-matter to make that easy. The boldest, most fascinating scientific tests and gimmicks you can put on for the guests can be found on this source.

17. Applied Science

If your brain is too clouded with endless thinking while you’re in bed, Applied Science is just what the doctor ordered. They produce science videos on the operation of cutting-edge developments. Everything you wanted to know you will surely find out. May all your yearning for information be satisfied.

18. SmarterEveryDay

SmarterEveryDay provides a scientific perspective of the world. You will know more about it after watching their content, rest assured. They have quite an insatiable following.

19. Mental Floss

This channel does everything: it has a video blog, it has an external blog, clothing merchandise, literature, and obviously the journal it began as. By the time you’ve spent two weeks viewing it again and again, you’ll be the life of the cocktail party with your intriguing knowledge.

Supposing that even little things tickle your fancy, this is the source of wisdom you’re looking for. They teach you all kinds of super useful gambits and factoids that you may previously consider meaningless. If that’s your cup of tea, welcome to your online home.

20. Lifehacker

Undoubtedly, this isn’t the first time you have come across this channel’s name, since, when it comes to training, this channel ranks among the most visited ones. It’s like you’re taking care of important affairs and pursuing lesiure all at once while you’re watching their content. This is no joke. Sure, the content is indeed humorous, but it will come in handy as well, rest assured. Whatever your questions are, they will almost be guaranteed an answer.

21. PBS Space Time

Do the stars and the planets fascinate you? Well, we’ve got an amazing channel to delight you with. Cosmic travel, astronomical forces, men in space, out space and more. Their delivery of these subjects is done in a fascinating style as well.

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