20 Ways to Get on the First Page of Google – SEO Tips 2016-2017

One thing which we want to clear you is that you need a lot of patience if you want your site to show up on first page of Google.

1. If your content does not change frequently, it is advisable that you add to a blog site like example.com/blog or blog.example.com. Adding 3-4 posts a week with good, quality content (not necessarily long), will help the search engine robots to know your site better.

2. When you build a list of links, you must think about quality over quantity! Link lonely, good, quality location, would be better than 20 links low quality.

3. It is important to keep the proportions the introduction of value that you want to advance in the search text page. The search engines will recognize if not exaggerate how many instances in the text and exaggerated expressions may download the importance of the page.

4. Consider using the toilet block viewing of the domain owner, the search engines may label this domain as a potential Spammer.

5. When optimizing the blog posts, have to optimize the blog title on the articles and the blog title page of the article itself.

6. Focus on the promotion of human values more than one word, in order to achieve higher results in search of targeted visits.

7. Do not use the services of a designer is not familiar with SEO considerations. Such designs could lead to new design of your site will hurt your search engine positions. If it is a new site, the designer is not familiar with SEO at all in the cause that your website is not engaging properly indexed.

8. Use the search you want to promote the values of ALT as photos and links.

9. Doug unique content rather than double because of problems with references – past the 301 redirect domain https://yeahhub.com to https://www.yeahhub.com – to avoid double scanning of content by search engines.

10. If you must use JavaScript to build Drop Down menus, or use images in your navigation menu, use text links and replace them with CSS. So search engines to crawl the site menu properly

11. Do not be obsessed with the PageRank – it is a small portion of the search results algorithm. Low PR sites could circumvent high PR sites in search results.

12. Check that each page has searched the site focused. This value also enter the page title (Title). If you must add the name of the company any title page – put it at the end. Unless you work in a very large number of searches by company name will not be long.

13. Check the links that link to your site are based on the value the expression that you want to promote. That is, if you want to promote the “SEO”, check the text of links that point to you is SEO or “click here

14. Using Frames, Flash or Ajax yielding a similar problem – the search engines can not crawl the content produced there. Try not to use these tools for the production of content that you want to promote to search engines.

15. The best way to index a new site not yet indexed by search engines is through the submission of an application form Register here. The best way is to get a quality Internet sites indexed.

16. The bottom line of SEO is: Text, Text Style, links, popularity and reputation.

17. If you absolutely must have Flash or image entry site (which really is not recommended), have at least an alternative to text and navigation links below the object.

18. Note that the text wraps around your images. Images received show, among other things, according to the text that surrounds them.

19. In order to promote videos on your website, it is best to create a Video Sitemap and index it into account Google Webmaster Central to the site (if you do not – it is highly desirable to open).

20. Use the word image or images ALL about your photos. Many users are looking for by value + the word “image”.

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