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25 Easy ways to speed up your website – June 2018 Tips and Tricks

There are some great resources for analyzing your site’s speed such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Website Grader, and GTMetrix are the most popular. All services will analyze your site and tell you where you’re falling behind. While a few modern content management systems like HubSpot already implemented some speed-enhancing options, the more common systems like […]

Tech Articles

Complete Htaccess Guide 2017 – Tips and Tricks

In this article, We’ll discuss about htaccess tips & tricks related to website security, optimization, SEO and redirects in detail. All the codes in this article has been tested multiple times in various websites & servers but please keep in mind that some hosts place specific restrictions on this file access and functionality, but on […]


Best 23 SEO Tools which helps you to start your journey

1. – this is a website that i use almost everyday in my work. it has over 30 free tools to use for basically everything SEO related. 2. Keyword Suggestion – Automatically suggest keyword strings based on a single keyword 3. Sitemap Reports – Easily create a sitemap that you can upload to Google […]