5 PC Hacks to Make your Life Easier

Whether you are a professional or novice PC user, there will be a time where you may get frustrated with the way that your pc works. In this article, we will show you five easy PC hacks that can make your life much easier. We spend more time than ever on PCs, both for professional use and also for casual use. These hacks will allow you to use your PC in a much better way that makes your life easier.

1. Use Cards to Extend Storage

One frustration that many PC users will have is a lack of storage. Some laptops and PCs will have differing price points based on the storage on offer. One way that you can make better use of your funds is through purchasing a device with lower storage and then adding additional storage through an external hard drive or SD card.

These cards are convenient to use, and they can be removed at any time to transfer your data. Instead of wasting money on storage, you can use it more wisely. One popular item that takes up storage is downloadable applications. One of the most engaging applications is the Bet365 App. It allows you to easily access a range of different betting markets. You may be wondering how to open bet365 account in India. It is actually very simple, and the sign-up process only takes a few minutes. You may be asked for some verification, and after this step, you can begin betting. The advantages of bet365 are that you can access it online or through a downloadable application. The extra storage you have can come in handy when enjoying online gambling games.

Well to extend your storage, first you need a good memory card which must supports your device because some devices may only support smaller micro SD cards. Here we’ve also listed out the top 5 512GB memory cards which you can easily use:

  • SanDisk 512GB Extreme Pro UHS-I U3 Class 10 SDXC Memory card [Speed upto 95 mbps]
  • PNY Technologies Elite Performance 512GB SDXC UHS-1 U3 Class 10 Memory Card [Speed upto 95 mbps]
  • Angelbird AVpro CF XT 512GB SATA 3.1 CFast Memory Card [Speed upto 400 mbps]
  • Kingston Technology 512GB SDXC 300X Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card [Speed upto 90 mbps]
  • Lexar 512GB Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 Memory Card for 4K Video Cameras [Speed upto 525 mbps]

2. Make Use of Battery Saving Features

One of the biggest nuisances that many users suffer from is the battery running out too fast. Even with modern technology, battery life still seems to be an issue. However, many users are not aware of battery saving features which can help to extend usage for hours.

You should be aware of “power saving mode” which is available on the majority of laptops. This mode allows you to keep working while also preserving energy. Contrary to popular belief, the mode can be switched on even if your battery is fully charged.

You can also save battery by dimming the brightness, disconnecting any peripheral devices, and turning off the Wi-Fi when it is not being used. All of these methods will allow you to hack your battery life to get the most out of it.

For especially Windows 10, you can find the battery saver by pressing Windows + I buttons and navigate to Systems in settings. Then further look for the Battery Saver option showing in left side bar as shown below:

Even there are so many third party applications/softwares are there through which you can also control the battery of your system:

  • Battery Optimization – https://www.reviversoft.com/battery-optimizer/
  • Battery Life Extender – https://www.samsung.com/hk_en/support/model/NP-RV411-S05HK/
  • Battery Care – https://batterycare.net/en/download.php
  • Save Battery – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/save-battery/

3. Disable Programs that Run on Startup

Many of us know the common feeling when we see programs on startup that we do not need or require. It can be a hassle to close them, and it can be a real nuisance to seem them appear every single time.

Unfortunately, many people do not know that these programs can easily be disabled from running on startup. You can launch the task manager, and find the startup settings. This can improve your PC performance and remove any background applications that are not being used.

To disable startup programs in windows 10, right click on an empty area on Taskbar and click on Task Manager. When it open, then click on Startup Tab and look through the list of programs that are enabled to run during startup.

If you want to stop them from running, right click on the program and select DISABLE.

4. Cycle Through Windows

The alt and tab shortcut is an easy way to cycle through all the open windows. This means you can switch back and forth between different programs which can increase your productivity.

You can also easily close and open windows that you may have forgotten about.

5. Back up Your Work

Nobody likes to lose important information or work. There are many cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, and Dropbox, which can automatically backup your important files on their servers.

Many of these services have free packages which you should definitely take advantage of. They work seamlessly, and you will barely even notice them. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Cloud solutions are the best way to ensure that your work is always kept backed up.


It doesn’t matter if you are a new user or someone who has lots of experience with PCs. You will still be able to benefit from the use of these hacks. It should now be easy for you to implement these hacks into your daily routine to make your PC experience more enjoyable, and also making your life easier.

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