8 Google Tools You Must Know – Tips and Tricks

As you all knows Google is one of the most popular search engine. Apart from Search Engine, Google also provides various services like GMAIL(Best Email Service), GOOGLE DRIVE(Online Data Backup), Google Chrome (A Fastest Browser), Google Maps, YouTube etc…

Google also provides a lot of useful web tools which you can use directly through search engine by typing simple relevant keyword which obviously saves your time and will deliver the accurate result in less span of time.

Here are the some essential tricks –

1. Google Calculator – Open Google.com and simply type “Calculator” and you’ll see a nice calculator which you can use for your personal and official use. This is the best so far tool for students and it also provides the basic Scientific functions.


2. Google Tip Calculator – Open Google.com and Type “Tip Calculator“. Here you can easy identify the percentage of any value which you want to give as a tip in a dinner or any occasion etc.


3. Google Weather – This tool will tells you about the current weather with 1 week forecast. You can also check the weather by typing city name or zip code.


4. Google Unit Conversion – Here in this tool, you can convert one type to another just by typing “Unit Conversion” in Google search field.


5. Google Stock Price Search – If you are familiar with Stock market then you can easily see the live update of current status of any stock price by just typing the desired company name or their ticker symbol i.e. Here we used “SENSEX“.


6. Google Currency Converter – From this tool you can easily convert all the currencies into another format with live exchange rate. You just have to type in this format “100 USD to INR” etc.


7. Google Translate – This is very essential tool ever developed by GOOGLE, as you can easily translate the text from one language to another.


8. Google Time – If you simply type “Time” in google then it will tells you the current location time but you can also find the time for any other country by just typing “Time USA” like this.


Other Useful Tools –

1. Google Trends – http://google.com/trends
2. Google Cloud Platform – http://cloud.google.com
3. Google Wallet – http://google.com/wallet
4. Youtube Trends Dashboard – http://youtube.com/trendsdashboard
5. Google Bookmarks – http://google.com/bookmarks
6. Google Careers – http://google.com/about/careers
7. Google Keep – http://keep.google.com/
8. Display Benchmarks Tool – http://richmediagallery.com/tools/benchmarks

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