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There is always some kind of events going on in the outside world like press conferences, festivals, fairs, etc. With this, there are people who are looking forward to attending them and are seeking sources from where they can get more information.

Similarly, if you have a clinic, you would need people to know that you are available for the day or not.

To bridge the gap between people & the needed information, you can begin a website that provides them all the information that they need about the events or your schedule. For this, you need to have an event calendar plugin on your website.

To help you choose the best one, we have compiled the following list for you!

1. Timetable & Event Schedule

The first on the list is also the best one on the list. This WordPress timetable plugin from Motopress is your prime choice to convey everything about any event easily to the audience.

The plugin helps you provide an elegant table to your audience that has aspects like venue, timings, name, and even capacity of the event. Besides, the plugin is not just limited to be used for events; you can also use it for your classes, workshops, and clinics time tables.

Other than this, the plugin offers you features like event filtering, upcoming events, flexible timings, and many more. It is fully responsive, which makes it fit for all types of devices.

2. The Events Calendar

If you want to get instant bookings for your events or business through your website, it is best to opt for The Events Calendar plugin. Why? Here is why!

The Events Calendar provides you the ability to create unlimited events that include their venues and their organizers. You can also showcase your business timetable on this.

The plugin provides you the utility to showcase your events on a calendar. These events can also be saved in Google Calendar and iCal.

On top of all, you can also add the facility to buy tickets within the calendar itself. However, you will have to get the premium version for this.

3. Modern Events Calendar

The catchy thing about this plugin is that it offers you a clean and easy-to-manage interface. One can easily manage countless events with this plugin, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • College events
  • Associations events

And many more from a well-crafted UI. To make it easy for you, it provides you with over 50 event display layouts to choose from. You can opt based on the type of your business needs. Moreover, you can also add booking and ticketing features with various payment gateways.

It is totally responsive that makes it ideal for every mobile device.

4. EventOn

A clutter-free design is liked by everyone, and this is what lies at the crux of the EventsOn plugin. The EventsOn plugin comes with over 200 features that can help you manage repeating events, multiple events and their creation, and various calendar layout designs.

Here are some more major aspects of the plugin:

  • Shortcode generator that eases the process of calendar customization.
  • You can add as many images as you want related to the event for your visitors.
  • It allows you to create multi-day events.
  • Allow users to share events by using the provided social share icons.
  • It provides RTL support for users of different languages.

Final Words

As there can be many events taking place on a daily basis around you, using an event calendar plugin can help you garner more daily users to your website. You will not only be helping the users getting valuable information, but you can also offer them tickets to the events. The above-described plugins can help you get all of these features. The inclusion of an event calendar plugin in your website will consequently build the authority of your website.

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