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Tips on how to provide your WordPress Site

Online networking and promotions are essential for your writing business. Setting up a website and improving its business effectiveness goes a long way in selling your writing services. Providing services on your website requires skills and feature WordPress can help you sell your services in the following ways: Utilizing WordPress plugins such as Woo Commerce […]


Limit WordPress Comments Length [Manually]

One of the best ways to interact with your visitors is to allow them to leave comments on your site, and because WordPress was developed as blogging software, it has an extensive comments system. In this article, we’ll show you how you can limit the wordpress comments length so that no one can actually spam […]


Change WordPress Salt Keys Automatically with Salt Shaker

These days, everyone has a good reason to have a website. It’s not just large companies anymore. Individuals, families, and small or independent businesses all need to have one. Some individuals and small businesses don’t have the financial resources to hire a website development company or a freelance web developer to create a website for them. This is where […]


Protect WordPress Admin Directory – HTTP Authentication

Hacking the WordPress Core can make it very difficult to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. Keeping WordPress current is an important step in overall web site security. If any security vulnerability is discovered a patch is typically released very quickly. Suppose you’ve made the decision to start a photography blog, and you’ve decided that […]