Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 31 to 60 Questions with Explanation

31. Which of the following is used to end the 408 process without allowing it to exit gracefully? A. kill 408 B. kill –15 408 C. kill –1 408 D. kill –9 408 Answer – – D Description – The... Read more

Security Guidelines for Webmasters – 2016

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Web Hacking Questionnaire – FAQ

Question: What is a shell when it comes to web hacking? Answer: Well, basically a shell is an interface between client and server and comes up with an extension of .php. To make it works, hackers always uploaded this kind... Read more

Get 500 MBPS Internet Speed in your system – FREE for all 2016 Method

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Get Real Traffic 2016 with Traffic Exchange

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Make Money with Instagram – FREE up to 100$/Day – 2016

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