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Considering you are reading this article, you obviously want to make money using Instagram, or maybe you just want to build a humongous account to show off to your friends. Maybe you want both.

Everything needed to do both of those things and more WILL be covered IN DETAIL. The whole point of this article is to cover everything you need to know, so you don’t have to spend any more money on useless and sometimes saturated methods people tend to spread on the forums.

Fake Followers vs. Real Followers

A lot of people want followers for a lot of different reasons. For example, whenever you see someone giving away or selling hundreds or thousands of followers, THEY ARE INACTIVE. Or if they ARE active, they DID NOT follow you knowingly. They probably used a “gain followers now!!!111” app or some BS as such, and will be shocked to realize that they followed you. However, most of the time this isn’t the case, and they’re just fake, botted accounts altogether.

Fake followers can be achieved by any of the following:

  • Buying followers (as stated above)
  • Using an IOS or Android app to gain followers by following other people, buying coins, etc.
  • Follower Giveaways (as stated above)
  • Virtually anything that promises quick, easy followers (hundreds or thousands) within a few hours or minutes.
  • jarvee alternatives

So, with fake followers being – you know – fake, what are they even useful for? Well, fake followers can be used for a few things. One being just to look cool. If you have huge numbers on your Instagram to show off to your friends, most of them will probably be shocked. A second use for fake followers would be to start up an account with high numbers to look good, so more real users will be inclined to follow you. Even Incredi-Tools has a list of Instagram proxies which you can easily use.


Also, you could technically scam people by selling an account with fake followers and likes.

So, what are REAL followers, and what are they used for?

Real followers are the best followers. Hands down. It honestly doesn’t matter what your goal is (unless it is specifically to have fake followers, which is absolutely ridiculous.) This is because real followers are ACTIVE.

They are the followers that will make you money, they are the followers that will be paying attention to your pictures, and they keep you from having to waste time faking all of the followers and likes on your account, which is worthless in the first place. Real followers are the only way for you to truly profit from Instagram.

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How To Get Quick, Fake Followers

Obviously, I’m not going to spend much time on this, because it isn’t useful. However, if you’re just here to show off to your friends, then read on. Fake followers can easily be gotten from iOS and Android follower apps such as Get Followers, Jackpot, Follower Plus, Famousgram, etc. I strongly suggest using the Jackpot + Autotouch combo.

I won’t go too in depth with an explanation, but basically, you jailbreak your iPhone, download Autotouch from Cydia, and use it with the Jackpot app to automate all of your following to quickly gain coins/credits and get followers. Then you use the InstaLiker hack to fake all of your likes on your photos. If you don’t know what any of these things are, a quick Google search will do you wonders. Other than that, you could just buy your followers.

insta money

How To Get Real Followers

Now to the good stuff. Getting real, active followers. This is obviously the most important thing when it comes to making money on Instagram. Keep in mind, these are just the basic ideas. There’s much more to this than just what I’m about to explain, so be patient.

So, how do you gain real followers? There are many ways. Perhaps the simplest way is by following a target audience in hopes that they will follow back. Another way is through buying shout outs from bigger accounts. You can also gain followers by simply putting popular hashtags (preferably relating to your “niche” – to be explained later) on all of your photos.

This tends to be one of the slower methods. There are other methods you can use to gain real followers, but I’m going to be straight up honest and just tell you now that they are not nearly effective enough to use or worry about, so I will not be explaining them.

Niches, Or “Types” Of Accounts

What is a niche? Explained simply, a niche is your account’s role in the Instagram community. For example, one niche would be nature. A nature account would be focused on posting pictures of nature and the earth. Another niche could be comedy. An account in the comedy niche would probably post memes and/or text posts that are comical.

What Are The Most “Successful” Niches?

Honestly, I don’t think any niche tends to be more successful than the other. It all just depends on what kind of niche you’re going to enjoy growing the most. However, some good niches to start out with (in my opinion) would be:

  • Comedy/Textpost
  • Nature
  • Sexual
  • Quotes/Motivation
  • Money (Shoes, Cars, Houses, etc. Could also be linked with motivation)

How Do Niches Relate To Methods Of Gaining Followers?

Niches are a very important factor in deciding what to do when you’re building a following on your account. Say you’re going to follow accounts in hopes that they will follow yours back. You have to take consideration into whether they will actually enjoy your account’s material or not.

money making 2016

So, what would be a good way to find potential followers? The best way (or the way that has worked best for me) is to find another account in your niche (you can do this just by searching keywords on Instagram), going to one of their photos, and following everyone who liked that photo. Rinse and repeat.

The reason this works so well is simple: you want active followers, so you want to follow people who are actively liking pictures. This highly increases your account interaction which is very important when it comes to monetizing your Instagram.

Another good way to get target followers in your niche would be to search hashtags relating to your niche. For example, if you had a nature niche, you could simply search “#nature” and follow everyone who posted a picture with that hashtag.

Gaining Real Followers On Auto-Pilot

Maybe doing all of this manual work following and unfollowing accounts isn’t for you, and I don’t blame you one bit – it isn’t fun for anyone. That’s why the smart people automate their work. This means they can gain followers after one quick 5-10 minute setup, and it goes forever (or until they stop it.)


This is done using bots. Bots are easy to set up and if you can’t understand how to use one of them, you can figure it out in seconds with a quick Google search. The two Instagram bots I would suggest trying out are:

  • FollowLiker (in my opinion the best, however it is the most expensive)
  • Instalegendary (For getting real Instagram followers and likes along with 7-day free trail which you can easily get it from their official website

There’s also a bot called NinjaGram that seems to be good, but I can’t personally recommend it as I have never tried it.

Wrap-Up Of The “Gaining Followers” Section

In short: the best, quickest, and easiest way to gain followers is using a bot to automatically follow and unfollow people related to your niche. You can also do this manually as I said earlier, and it will still work. It’s just easier to automate the process.

Introduction To The Monetization

Now that you understand how to grow an active Instagram account with real followers, it’s time to learn how to make money using that account. The best methods for this (once again, in my opinion) are:

  • Selling Shoutouts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA
  • PPA
  • Selling Your Instagram Account Altogether

Selling Shoutouts

This is the #1 Instagram money-making method in my personal opinion. Reason being, you can charge a lot for it. Many people on forums sell shoutouts, and I’ve seen rates upwards of $20 for a 30 minute post.

instagram shoutout

There are a few types of shoutouts:

  • Caption Shoutouts – You post your own picture, but promote the other user’s account in the description. Ex: “Follow @blaabc for more hilarious pictures!!
  • Mentions – You simply @ the other user’s account in your description. You post your own picture.
  • Tags – You tag the other user’s account in your own picture. These and mentions tend to be the cheapest.
  • Full/Regular Shoutout Posts – You promote the other user’s account by posting a screenshot of it, and a caption telling people to follow them. Sometimes they will also be tagged.

I would recommend selling all of these, because, why not? It’s more money. Don’t forget to delete your shoutout posts after a few days. Keep your Instagram looking professional. You can sell these posts by the hour and/or day, too!

Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and PPA

I put these all under the same heading because they are all very well known and have similar ideas to them. Affiliate marketing is when you work with a company on selling their product through your own personal affiliate link, and you make a small profit whenever someone buys their product through your link. Instagram is a good way to do this because you can be sure thousands of people see your post about this product.


Even better if the product relates to your niche. CPA (Cost-Per-Action) is when people pay you a small amount for doing certain things like surveys, signing up for newsletters, or simply clicking on a link. This is super easy to do because you can just promote the link in your Instagram bio.

The best way to do this (I think), would be to promote something useful such as free Clash of Clans gems or something, and then set up an link for people to get to it. The end link would just be some kind of FreeMyApps link or something of the sort. (If you don’t know what FreeMyApps is, it’s a service in which you earn gift cards for downloading free applications, which in this case, would eventually mean earning Clash of Clans gems.)

PPA is virtually the same thing as CPA, so I won’t be going over it.

Selling Your Instagram Account

If you’ve accumulated a good amount of real followers, and have a fairly active Instagram (as in you get a lot of likes in relation to your followers), you can get some nice amounts of cash for your account.

Just do some searching to figure out approximately how much your account would go for, and then make a post in the Market section on different forums. I have to advise you, however, BE CAREFUL.

I would suggest using BTC (bitcoin) for most users and PayPal with trusted users. A middleman can also be very helpful when it comes to a safe trade.

Please leave a comment on this article if this helped you!

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