Don’t Trust on these 8 Online Money Making Methods

Everyone wants to earn money online but some of them only gets success so this guide will helps you to decide which method is legit and which method is fake.

1) PTC Sites

PTC sites are pure scheme and in no way you will ever beat it, and by beat it I mean make profit. Even if you invest 500$ and purchase referrals, at the end of the month you’ll “think” you made 100$ while those 100$ will be a loss. I know it sounds crazy but if you never experienced it, don’t.

Most of the referrals will either be botted or dead, hence they may click for a day/two and eventually they are gone, why? Cause system says so, nowadays you can purchase a PTC script for less than 30$ and set up your own site. I highly advice not to, it’s saturated as fuck and not worth the hassle. Bottom line is, dont even think about PTC sites, just don’t and take this advice seriously it will help you waste less time on bullshit.

2) PPC/CPC Sites

I cant even name them cause I tend not to get bothered with bullshit much lately. Basically they promise you up to 5$ per 1000 clicks, and I can swear many of you have no clue it’s 5$ per 1k ONLY for US traffic, then you come to this section and ask why you don’t make money. Quite simple, if you cant generate 100k clicks a day, don’t bother either.

It’s a waste of both time and traffic, not to mention SITE EXCHANGES doesn’t work, so there goes yet another popular but damn stupid money making method. You’re wasting your time and nowadays people don’t click sketchy links anymore, even if you make a redirection loop-hole think of it as finding a quarter while walking through a park, that’s unfortunately all you get.

If for instance you have some traffic source, rather use that traffic on CPA offers or even Affiliate Marketing, you’ll have much greater success even if 1 out of 100 converts, cause the least paying offer is 30 cents which is more or less as much as you get by bringing it to or sites alike. Bottom line : Complete and utter waste of traffic (if you have a real one).

3) Forum Posting

There used to be and there still are couple of sites where they offer you a certain rate for amount of posts you make and quality of words and what not. Let me straight tell you why it’s a waste, you need couple hundreds of posts to make couple of bucks a day.

Guess what, you could actually write articles Best Article Writing Websites for even better pay, considering you know how to type and not plagiarize other peoples work. That’s time well spent, if you prefer typing go to Yahoo and start writing articles, they can sell up to few hundreds a piece, obviously more words means greater pay.

4) Exchange Sites

Sites such as the ones where you watch/do things in order to get credits which you can eventually use for greater cause. Waste. Even if you automate the whole process it’s still a waste. Don’t have much more to say about this since any normal guy with common sense would figure not to waste time nor trust such things. Those iPhone/Android apps comes under this category as well, it may be fun to do but it’s a complete waste of your precious time.

5) Gambling

Whoever invented a technique to make money from gambling either owns the casino or hes an affiliate. You dont “make money gambling”, poker, roulette and whatnot. You can only get lucky and “earn” some money, you cannot use it as your “technique” nor think of it as a source of income. If you’re reading this and you gamble, continue gambling but make sure it’s for fun not the other way around.

6) E-whoring

Yes E-whoring, go on throw rocks at me say how it’s the best thing you’ve ever done bla bla. And then let me ask you, how much time you spent getting that 20$ Amazon gift card? 30 minutes? An hour maybe? I’d rather gamble 10$ in order to win 20$ and even lose than spending an hour pretending to be a fucked up girl who has nowhere to live for freaking 20$, yes you can make even more but is it really worth it? Can you say you’re successful?

If you brag about e-Whoring then you’re twisted as fuck, out of so many legal ways you pick to be a whore online. Have you read the articles about people who went so deep into it to get their real life fucked up? It’s ok for quick buck or two, but that aint technique, it’s being an idiot and God blessed us all so we can be idiots anytime needed. Drop with it and start doing some serious business.

7) Online Partnership

How many times you read someone needing a partner and they ended up offering you to sell something for them as commission? Doesn’t need to be eBay or shit like that, just plain re-selling from an unknown guy you just met online. Stay away from it, 9/10 will use you and get you in so much trouble that your only way out would be jail. Do not trust anyone, there’s no partners online unless it’s a real deal, anything that’s based on re-selling is pure bullshit. And don’t get confused here, I’m talking about individuals approaching you, not companies.

8) Investment Opportunity

Same as above, if you see someone promising you a certain revenue from your investment, make sure to know that’s not gonna happen. Quite few people would share their financial strategies online and I’m talking about stocks and such, unless they are either affiliated with the company in question or actually own it. Don’t fall for that.


A legit income comes from both hard work and knowing what to do, there’s no magic button though, everything requires a certain effort, certain skills and whatnot. Not a single method is “hard”, they are all quite easy cause trust me it’s easier to sit at home and read/do than work 9 to 5 in some shit hole. It’s all about how persistent you are, if you want to make money, you’ll make money.

As always if you feel I left anything out or want clarification on certain things, let me know in comments below or you can also mail us at

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