Earn 50$ a day by keeping your computer ON

Have you ever thought about setting up a business online? If not, where have you been for the last 5 or 10 years? It’s the new American dream, encompassing all the usual ideas of independence, freedom, and wealth. And sometimes, you know, Internet-based businesses really do bring all these things to their owners.

Not always, though, which is why you need this article. It’s easy to stumble around on the Internet for months or years, and never quite get anywhere. What’s the difference between those who stumble and those who leap into online success? Knowledge. You can’t succeed unless you do the right things, and while some very successful online businesses have been built by people who really stumbled onto the right formula, why leave such an important factor to chance?

No secret is going to be revealed. No gold pot will fall from the sky like magic. You’ll have to do some work, but if you follow our tips and techniques, you’ll get results.

How much can you earn? No figure can be promised, all depends on your dedication and work: few dollars a month to several thousand a week!

In this article, you’ll learn a method through which you can easily earn at least $50 a day which means $1500/month and $18,000/year. No special skills are required. All is presented in a way that the most average social user can easily set up!

Features – 

  1. Minimum Payout is $2.50.
  2. Easy to run/install.
  3. BTC and PayPal, both are supported.
  4. Starts working in less than 30 seconds.

Step 1 – Download and install the software to your windows PC or Laptop – {DOWNLOAD NOW}

Step 2 – After complete installation, a welcome screen will be show as per below screenshot where you need to fill out your valid email address.

Step 3 – After submit, you need to set the password (Always use Strong Password).

Step 4 – After the completion of registration, a Dashboard Welcome Screen will be show where you can see all stats information.

Here in below screen, you can see two balances i.e. Work Balance and Main Balance. In short, your “Work Balance“in part of your “Main Balance“, if you request payment from your “Work Balance” that sum also comes off your “Main Balance“, it is just a method they use to enable you to access your work funds faster.

Your Main Balance consists of every element of your account earnings, inclusive of bonus payments.

For every referrer, you can get directly $1.00 which really means a lot.

Conditions which have an impact on earning as follows:

  • Your work rate speed.
  • Your performance score.
  • Current complexity of the workloads that are being worked on.
  • The pricing of the workload block, which is decided by outside factors beyond our control.

By clicking “Your Account” link from top menu, you can check all information/offers which you can easily avail by completing the process.

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