Get Real Traffic 2016 with Traffic Exchange

So I wrote this article with new comers in mind. I know that website traffic / views are important, especially today, when it’s all about that rank.

What is Traffic Exchange?

It’s a website / service where you submit your website / URL and then you can generate hits by viewing other’s websites.

There are 2 types of Traffic Exchange sites: Manual and Autosurf.

traffic exchange 2016

How to get involved with Traffic Exchange?

So basically all you need to get into Traffic Exchange is a PC, internet connection and some tools. The tools can either be downloadable or web based.

List of tools –

I am just going to list some of them, you can find others easily because they are advertising one another



JingLing (original)

IPTS (English JingLing)


10K hits

Web based




22hits (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, DE)


What to look out for?

Referer. Referer. Referer. Some of these sites allow you to modify the referrer and some offer the option only after the account is upgraded (eg HitLeap). Now what’s the difference? Well let’s put it this way, having referers set to default on these services is like using your full name as your secret alias. Basically, HitLeap example, what the site will recieve in the header will be “HitLeap viewer” and you don’t want that, no-no.

traffic 2016

So set custom referers, set the time spent on site as high as possible, but keep it efficient. Good thing to do is when using multiple traffic exchange set the random times, so it looks as realistic as it can.

Using these on AdSense is not recommended as there are a lot of other CPMs that will gladly accept all of your traffic exchange traffic. All of these can be used to boost your Alexa ranking. You can run all the web based ones on your VPSes, but watch the CPU so you don’t get into that “CPU abusive script” red zone.

Now all you need to do is register on some of these (all of the links are non-ref), turn on the app or their integrated web based auto-viewer and earn yourself some views.

Kind regards and all the best with your newly earned traffic,

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