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5 Outstanding WhatsApp Hacking Software 2020

Social media has recently taken over our lives and the list places WhatsApp on the topmost rank. From sharing intimate life experiences to attaining crucial information, we all rely on WhatsApp quite a lot. It became way more important than online college homework help to millions of students.

We believe hacking someone’s WhatsApp account isn’t something done for fun, but rather out of anxiety or stress. Life has plenty of twists and turns, which many times induces thoughts like “how to hack someone’s WhatsApp account or what are the ways to monitor someone’s social media?

If you are thinking of finding quick hacking tricks on the internet, then it would not do enough for you. Hence, here we have got some recommended as well as renowned spy apps that will certainly make hacking as simple as a walk in the park.

The apps mentioned in the list offer solutions that are safe, quick and functional. You won’t need to spend hours figuring out the process of the apps. With an easy guide, these tested apps offer easy to use features that help you unveil the secrets while ensuring secrecy to your identity.

As there are multiple applications out there in the market, we have enlisted completely trusted applications. The list offers secured applications that do not hamper your system and ensures an easy hacking experience for you. So let’s begin with it.


Started as an app to monitor phones and tablets, Spyier has come a long way. For all the people who face trouble with damaged mobiles, this is the solution you were looking for. Spyier official website brings you an effective software to easily track your phone.

No matter, if you have Android or iOS, this app is functional for both the operating systems. Spyier does its tracking while staying hidden through the GPS location. Spyier helps you track all the details including contacts, calls, messages, photos and of course social media too.

With an uninterrupted internet connection, you can simply install it on the target phone through a computer, for administering the dashboard. Get on Spyier official website and check out the exclusive features available for you.

What Makes Spyier “The Most Suitable Hacking App”

Apart from being listed on some of the reputed sites like Forbes, PC World, iGeeksblog, New York Times, LifeHacker, Top 10 Reviews and Toms’ Guide, Spyier is a great choice following its popularity among millions of users.

Secrecy At Par: The Spyier app is designed with exclusive safety features, that allow you to easily hide your identity. After installing the Spyier app on the targeted android smartphone, there is a feature of automatic disappearance. Under this feature, the icon of the app automatically disappears and you don’t have to manually delete it.

Several Effective Features: Like WhatsApp hacking, the Spyier app consists of various other features as well. These features include social media tracking, location tracking and more.

No Personal Contact Required: For all the iPhone users, the app doesn’t ask for personal access to the targeted phone. As long as you have iCloud credentials, the WhatsApp hacking can be done remotely also.

Data Security: Spyier servers have no access to the information available at the targeted phone. It means that there is no chance of theft to your personal data.

User-friendly Interface: The interface offered by Spyier is intuitive as, within 5 minutes, the app can be set-up in Android. On the other hand, iOS apps do not require any installation for access.

No Jailbreak or Root Required: Most of the spying apps require either jailbreak or root so that they can operate. But that’s not the case with Spyier, you can stay relieved with the uncomplicated functions of Spyier.

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp account by Spyier?

There are different procedures for android and iOS systems to hack someone’s WhatsApp account through Spyier. Let’s begin with android, which merely asks for 5-minute personal access to the targeted phone. The physical access is required to first install the app and later configure it to make supervision. Here are the steps to follow:

1st Step: Get registered or sign-up on the Spyier website. The account registration is absolutely free and further you are asked to get a subscription. Later the fee is required to be paid for the app’s license.

2nd Step: The remaining proceeds will be guided through a Setup Wizard, that will ask for the type of operating system. You need to select android over here.

3rd Step: The Setup wizard will further guide you to allow access to the app for working. Next, you can hide the app from the application list, which will remove the possibilities of detection.

4th Step: The next step is confirming the installation by clicking on finish installation. Your job of hacking someone’s WhatsApp account has been done on the mobile.

Now, let’s have a look at installation on the iOS operating system. The steps are quite the same, but the only thing is that you don’t need to physically access the target phone this time. Here are some additional steps, you must follow to hack WhatsApp accounts on an iOS phone.

Step 1: After purchasing Spyier, you need to switch on the Set-Up Wizard and select the operating system as iOS.

Step 2: The next page would ask for iCloud ID as well as password. To easily monitor the iOS device, you should ensure that iCloud backup should be enabled on the device. Also, two-factor authentication should be disabled on the phone. This will help you to avoid jailbreak.

Step 3: Then you need to opt for the specific iOS device that you are willing to hack.

Step 4: Your remote iPhone monitoring has been set up and now you can begin spying.


Minspy app is one of the most popular spying apps with users from more than 190 countries. Many leading media reviewers like The New York Times, TheGuardian and BBC have featured it in their reviews. The android app of Minspy covers a very small space up to 2 MB only. The app can be easily installed on the tablet as well as smartphone and can further hide it.


Spyine is a specified app that offers functioning on various android devices. The app also provides supervision on audio and digital communication for iOS and Android systems. The tool offers ease and convenience to parents as well as employers. Although, physical access to the target phone is required to monitor the WhatsApp account through Spyine app.


Being one of the top WhatsApp hacking apps, Spyic has plentiful features that support monitoring of anyone’s phone. The affordability and efficacy make it a desirable choice among users. Spyic is useful for both iOS and Android apps and also doesn’t require space more than 2 MB.


Cocospy is a popular WhatsApp hacking app, which offers convenient hacking and monitoring service. The app also offers a display of messages from the device. The most interesting thing about Cocospy is that even if the messages have been deleted, you can still have a look at them. It’s one of the best social media hacking tools available.


So these were 5 most exclusive hacking tools for WhatsApp. Despite the utility of other tools, if you really want a lucrative answer of “how to hack someone’s WhatsApp account” then Spyier is the perfect solution. The features and ease of access make the functioning quick and comfortable, without requiring any sort of jailbreak or root.

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