Important Links – Report Phishing Links & Suspicious Emails

Phishing has emerged as an effective method to steal the personal and confidential data of users. It is an Internet scam that tricks users into divulging their personal and confidential information by making false statements and enticing offers. Phishers can attack users through mass mailings to millions of e-mail addresses around the world.

A successful phishing attack deceives and convinces users with fake technical content and social engineering practices. The major task for phishers is to make the victims believe in the phishing sites. Most phishing attacks are initiated through e-mails, where the user gets an e-mail that prompts him or her to follow a link given in the e-mail. This link leads to a phishing Web site, though the e-mail says otherwise. The e-mail may contain a message stating that a particular transaction has taken place on the user’s account, and a link is provided to check his or her balance. Or the e-mail may contain a link to perform a security check on the user’s account.

Whatever the search engine it is, Google is always on Top.

These days querying websites through search engines has become a daily habit. So it is very important to know Ways To Report a Phishing Link or Spamming Link with Google and other sites.

Here is the complete list of all top most sites where you can easily report any phishing attempt, spamming link or suspicious emails.

1 Google Safe Browsing Report Here
2 Microsoft – Report an unsafe site Report Here
3 Netcraft – Report Suspicious URL Report Here
4 Symantec – Report Suspected Phishing Sites Report Here
5 Symantec Blue Coat Web Filter Report Here
6 Mcafee – Customer URL Ticketing System Report Here
7 Websense / Forcepoint Report Here
8 Webroot Brightcloud Report Here
9 Cisco PhishTank Report Here
10 Kaspersky VirusDesk Report Here
11 CIRCL URL Abuse Report Here
12 000Webhost Report Abuse Report Here
13 Wix – Abuse & Rights Infringement Reporting Report Here
14 Weebly – Spam Complaints Report Here
15 Dropbox Reporting Report Here
16 SugarSync Report Here
17 Google URL Shortner – Report Spam Report Here
18 Is.Gd – Reporiting Abuse Report Here
19 Godaddy Abuse Report Report Here
20 – Report Spam Report Here
21 Bitly – Report Spam Report Here
22 US-Cert – Report Phishing Sites Report Here
23 MS-Office – Report phishing Report Here
24 APWG – Report Phishing Report Here
25 Spam Response – Report Unsolicited Calls and SMS Report Here
26 Apple – Report Phishing Report Here
27 iCloud – Report Phishing Report Here
28 Federal Bureau of Investigation – IC3 Report Here
29 FTC Complaint Assistant Report Here
30 Eset – Phishing Report Report Here
31 Facebook – Phishing Report Report Here
32 Report Coinbase Phishing Site Report Here
33 Squareup – Report Phishing Scams Report Here
34 UC Santa Cruz – Report Phishing Report Here
35 Wells Fargo – Report Phishing/Email Scams Report Here
36 ICICI Bank – Report Suspicious Mail Report Here
37 Windstream – Phishing Report Report Here
38 Psu.Edu – Phishing Report Report Here
39 Williams.Edu – Report Phishing Report Here
40 UBS – Report Phishing Report Here
41 Scam Watch – Report a Scam Report Here
42 University of Delaware – Report a Phish Report Here
43 Yahoo Phishing Report Report Here
44 Amazon – Report Suspicious Email/Webpages Report Here
45 PayPal – Report Suspicious Emails Report Here
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