List of all MIME’s, their Type, Extension Name and Description

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) is an accepted system of extensions used on computer systems. Such a standardization makes it easy to specify a file type and feel confident other computers will understand it. This table includes some of the popular file types you might encounter when creating web pages.

S.No MIME Type File Extension Name and Description
1 application/excel
Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet)
2 application/mac-binhex40 .hqx Macintosh Binhex format (file compression)
3 application/msword .doc
Microsoft Word document (word processing)
4 application/octet-stream .exe Windows/DOS programs
5 application/pdf .pdf Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PostScript/printer-friendly files)
6 application/postscript .ai
PostScript document
7 application/rtf .rtf Rich Text Format (word processing)
8 application/vnd.m-realmedia .rm RealMedia file (audio and video)
9 application/x-director .dcr
Macromedia Director file (presentation/ animation/multimedia)
10 application/x-javascript .js JavaScript file
11 application/x-macbinary .bin Macintosh binary file (file compression)
12 application/x-shockwave-flash .swf Macromedia Flash 2.0+ file (presentation/ animation/multimedia)
13 application/x-stuffit .sit Stuffit Archive (file compression)
14 application/zip .zip ZIP archive (file compression)
15 audio/basic .au
AU/mlaw (basic audio)
16 audio/vnd.m-realaudio .ra
RealAudio file
17 audio/x-aiff .aif
Audio Interchange File Format
18 audio/x-mpeg .mp2
MP2/MP3 audio file
19 audio/x-mpegurl .m3u
MP3 text file (links to sound file)
20 audio/x-wav .wav Windows Waveform audio format
21 audio/x-midi .mid Musical Instruments Digital Interface (MIDI) sound files
22 audio/x-pn-realaudio .ra
RealAudio file
23 audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin .rpm RealAudio plug-in page
24 image/gif .gif Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
25 image/jpeg .jpeg
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
26 image/pict .pic
Macintosh picture
27 image/tiff .tif
TIFF image
28 image/x-bitmap .xbm
Windows Bitmap Format (BMP)
29 text/html .html
Hypertext Markup Language document (HTML)
30 text/plain .txt Plain text document (no formatting)
text/xml .xml Extensible Markup Language document (XML)
31 video/mpeg .mpg
MPEG Video file
32 video/quicktime .qt
QuickTime refers both to the file format and the helper application or plug-in used to play it
33 video/vnd.m-realvideo .rv RealVideo file
34 video/x-msvideo .avi Audio/Video Interleave Format is the standard nonstreaming Microsoft Windows Video format
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