How Phone Tracking Apps Work in the Background to Track Conversations?

A phone tracking app is essentially software that you can install on another device to keep track of their activities, including text messages, call log, GPS location, etc. You can also use such apps to track the activity on a tablet and computer too.

In most cases, parents use these phone tracking apps to spy on the children and keep track of their activities to ensure they practice safe browsing on the internet. Similarly, companies can use these apps to track their employees’ activities. But did you know, such apps can also be used to track conversations in the background?

How do phone tracking apps work to track conversations?

Different phone tracking apps work differently when it comes to tracking conversations. Similarly, the mechanism for recording a phone call differs from the mechanism for recording the call log history.

One thing to remember when it comes to phone tracking apps is that you will need to install them on the target phone to be able to monitor it. Depending on the kind of device the target is using, you might or might not require physical access to the device to install the app. For instance, in the case of an Android device, you need to have the device physically to install the app.

Meanwhile, if the target device is an iPhone, you can easily activate the software remotely without even touching the device. However, you will need the credentials for the Apple ID used in the phone to complete the installation. Once you’ve installed the app, you can now start monitoring.

Here’s how different features work when it comes to tracking conversations:

Phone calls: 

Recording phone calls involve documenting both outgoing and incoming calls. Phone tracking apps can automatically record the conversation and then save it to your dashboard so you can download it and listen to it later. You might even find some apps that let you filter out the recordings based on the outgoing or incoming phone numbers.

All the recorded files show up on the call recording page, so you can then sort out and keep only the essential recordings and get rid of all the others.

While iPhones have stricter measures in place to record phone calls, the phone call recording feature can work for both Android devices and iPhones.

Call log history: 

It’s also possible to track call logs; many apps allow you to monitor both outgoing and incoming calls, including deleted messages, voicemails, and even missed calls. The way this works is when someone receives or makes a call, the app will send you a notification. The alert will show you all the information you would need, such as the time of call, call duration, and contact information. Many apps also allow you to download and store the call log into a spreadsheet.

Text messages:

Phone tracking apps can also work as a filter on SMS and text messages. Such apps allow you to read the relevant outgoing and incoming messages, even if the person has deleted them. With this feature, concerned parents can easily spy on their child’s device and limit their exposure to explicit, inappropriate content.

One concern that parents usually have when it comes to tracking messages is the sheer amount of them. However, tracking apps allow you to limit the influx of notifications you get using a keyword filter. Once you set up the filter, the app will send you alerts when the target device sends or receives a text with that keyword.


Tracking phone conversations has become the need of the hour, with more and more children being vulnerable to cyberbullying. With phone tracking apps, you can get peace of mind knowing who your children are talking to and what they are talking about. Plus, this way, you can ensure they don’t take part in illegal activities or be influenced easily by other people online.

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