Secure yourself in just 10 seconds in Cyber Cafes.

As we all knows, Security is the most discussing topic in today’s time and is obviously everyone’s need. Everyone has so many bank accounts, credit cards, paypal account, social accounts etc and sometimes we forgot to LOGOUT our accounts while accessing the internet in public places or in cyber cafes.


For that users, Now you can immediately Log off all the accounts by just a single website. We all have one odd habit that to surf internet with multiple tabs like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. But now you don’t need to fear at all.

There is a website that will automatically log out all the online accounts in just 10 seconds.

You can visit this website here –

(Within 10 seconds, it will clear all the sessions and you’ll logout immediately).

This is a great website for those people/users who surf the internet in public places by using public Wi-Fi’s or through Internet Cyber Cafes. Once you’re logged out, the site will display a small green icon(tick) with text “OK” next to each website one by one.


But the important part, Super logout Developers didn’t mentioned FACEBOOK for some reasons as they also believe in “KARMA” lol.

Currently they are offering 36 websites for this service which includes top major websites like AOL, Amazon, Blogger, Delicious, Deviant Art, Dream Host, Dropbox, eBay, GitHub, G Mail, Google, Skype, Tumblr, Vimeo,  WordPress, Yahoo, YouTube etc.

You can also use some kind of portable or installation based Apps or Tools like Ccleaner, History Removal etc but sometimes you don’t have rights or permissions to install any tool in cyber cafes systems and For Firefox users, you can even use CTRL + SHIFT + DEL button to clear the recent history.

Another best method is you can surf internet in PRIVATE browsing mode in which all the cookies will be removed as you close down the browser window.

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