Software’s which you need after fresh installation of WINDOWS

No matter, how many times you install windows in a year or a month, but its not running the same as the time you purchased it. Sometimes we loose all data due to bad time, or sometimes we forgot to take backup before installation of fresh windows. So here we are writing the TOP Software’s which you need after fresh installation of Windows as below –

Before to install these tools, you should update your windows to LATEST

If you are a Home User –

  • Speed test (we recommend
  • WINRAR/7-ZIP (To Compress/decompress any file or folder)
  • Browsers – Mozilla/Chrome/Opera (Without browser, you can’t do anything)
  • MS Office 2007/2010 or Open Office (For Documents like Excel/Word etc)
  • GOM Player + VLC Player + Flash Player (All in one Music/Video Player)
  • SnagIT (A Screen Capture Tool)
  • Antivirus (We recommend AVG or AVAST)
  • Burning Tool – POWER ISO/Nero (For Writing disks)
  • Utorrent/BitTorrent (To download stuff)
  • Skype Messenger (A messenger for chatting)
  • Microsoft Security Essential (A Security tool)
  • Adobe PDF Reader (To read PDF Files)
  • Google Picasa (For Viewing Images)
  • Internet Download Manager (To download anything from the web)
  • DotNet Framework And Java – JDK Package

If you are a Techy User –

  • Adobe Dreamweaver (For Programming)
  • Adobe Photoshop (For Designing)
  • Color Cop (A Color Picker)
  • Notepad ++ or Sublime (Best Editor ever)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (If you are designer)
  • VMWare Virtual Machine (Test and Development Environment to run operating systems)
  • Process Monitor Or SysInternals
  • Putty and WinSCP
  • WAMP/LAMP/WAMP + ActivePerl + ActivePython
  • Wireshark (A Packet Analyzer)
    Other Useful Apps –
  • Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive
  • Malwarebytes
  • CCleaner
  • CPU-Z
  • CutePDF Writer / Foxit PDF
  • TeamViewer (A Remote Application)
  • Windows Live Essentials
  • Itunes (For Apple Users)
  • DirectX (For Gamers)
  • Evernote
  • Quicktime
  • Active Perl and Active Python
  • Bootstrap Package
  • Pidgin ( A Messenger)
  • Unlocker
  • TOR Browser
  • A good VPN

Best Addons for Techy Users –

  • Tamper Data Addon
  • Wappalyzer Addon
  • Firebug
  • Adblocker
  • Cookie Editor
  • Youtube Downloader
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