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Another biggest outbreak – BadRabbit Ransomware Attack

As we all knows WannaCry has demonstrated the world’s vulnerability to ransomware which ultimately left 230,000 residents without power for as long as 6 hours and affects nearly 300,000 systems. But it may also have made unwitting progress towards protecting us from this kind of cyber attack. So what’s next ? “BadRabbit malware which may […]

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How to deal with Petya Ransomware – Prevention Tips 2017

As you all knows, recently Petya Ransomware comes into existence and affected more than 65+ countries. Many organizations in Europe and the US have been affected by this ransomware attack. Although its not a ransomware attack but its a wiper attack which directly attacks your operating system files. – Global shipping company “Maersk” was also […]

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After Wannacry, Now its Petya Ransomware hits worldwide

As you all knows Wannacry or Wcry Ransomware already created a havoc across the globe and now within the span of just 2 months, a new ransomware named as Petya Ransomware hits globally worldwide. Initially, hackers and researchers believed that its an advanced version of Wannacry Ransomware but in actual way, there is no relation […]

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Microsoft Security Update 14 May 2017 Released after Ransomware Attack

Microsoft has provided a security update for all customers to protect Windows platforms that are in custom support only, including Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. And if you are using Windows 10, then this you are not targeted by this attack. This emergency security update from Microsoft named as MS17-010 which protects […]