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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to access websites which are barred in a specific location. Consider that you want to access an educational website that is not accessible in your country. This does happen because some owners offer their online services in restricted countries.

A good VPN tool hides your actual IP address and masks it with one that is supported. It is a reliable online tool that determines your actual IP address on instant basis. The details are generated as soon as its interface is loaded.

The best 5 VPN tools you can consider are listed below.

1. Nord VPN

There is no doubt that this is one of the most dependable VPN tools. It is highly recommended for move streaming lovers in particular. While being at work, you may want a break and watch a scene of your favorite movie. The entire dream gets ruined when you see the “this website is not accessible” prompt. The reason is that such websites are blacklisted on official networks. In other words, your IP address is not permissible to access them. What if the IP address is changed? This is what you can accomplish by using a stable VPN tool. You can use this specific tool for free for a span of 30 days. A paid version has to be purchased once this trial span is over.

  • The services of this tool are available in more than 70 countries and it comes with P2P (peer to peer) sharing option. All casual websites related to movie streaming, social media communication and photo sharing can be accessed using it. Other than that, the encryption platform is robust and no logs are maintained for what you have accessed.

2. Cyber Ghost VPN

If you talk about VPN tools that can be setup in the shortest while, Cyber Ghost will get the top rank easily. The installation process does not require more than 2 minutes to conclude. Once, it is completed, a small icon will appear in your task bar. When you want to active VPN, click this icon and execute the connection process. Immediately, your original IP address will be replaced by one from another country.

  • Which IP address will replace your actual one? This is one question that most users have. There are two options in this case to choose from. If you want the quickest one to be selected automatically, go ahead with the default settings. The option is making a custom selection. Select a particular country and its IP address would replace your actual one. The initial one month of this tool is free after which the user needs to upgrade.
  • You can access various online sources that are otherwise not permitted on your network. A lot of companies do not permit Facebook and the website cannot be opened until the IP address is changed. With this tool, you can easily post a new status or check-in even while being at work.

3. Express VPN

A lot of VPN soft wares offer quick results but do not work on any other operating system apart from Windows. This tool is definitely an exception because it works on multiple ones including Mac. No data logs are maintained so you can be sure that the websites accessed would not be checked in any way. Do you need long time to install or connect the VPN? The answer to this question is no. It is extremely quick so no lengthy delays have to be tolerated.

  • People addicted to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other related platforms would definitely opt for it. This is simply because all such platforms are supported. Along with that, the option of P2P (peer to peer) sharing is also there. In a nutshell, if you are seeking a quick VPN tool that offers access to your favorite modes, this is one of the top rated tools you should seriously consider.

4. Surf Shark VPN

This quality tool is available in 61 countries and works well has the P2P sharing option as well. What kind of users would find it suitable? It is a decent option for Net Flix lovers. In addition to that, acts as a perfect option for accessing social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

For example, if you want to access Netflix USA in der Schweiz then Surf Shark tool will be the best tool for this option.

  • This tool comes with a high level of encryption so no logs are stored in any of the system folders. Which operating system platforms does it work with? This is another plus point of the tool as no restrictions are applied in this case. It works on Windows, Mac OS as well as an Android. Hence, you can access the desired online sources easily through your computer, smartphone as well as tablet. However, it does not work amazingly well if multiple devices are being used.

5. Hotspot Shield VPN network

This is one of the best tools in terms of the servers that it has. The tool comes with more than 2500 servers placed in different countries. Hence, the location of the user does not have any impact on speed that he gets. Secondly, it supports most commonly used operating system platforms including Windows, Mac OS and Android.

  • There are both free and paid versions to the tool. Once the user has utilized his free limit, an upgradation to the paid one is needed.


Every network has restrictions in terms of the websites and platforms which it can be checked. For instance, when you talk about official networks, they do not permit social media and movie websites. This is where a good VPN tool can surely help you. It covers the actual IP address and replaces it with one that has connectivity permission.

For instance, if you are living in a Hong Kong and accessing a website that is not accessible there, you would need a VPN tool. It is important to pick a reliable tool in this case. Some of them do not work as well as they claim to.

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