List of Vulnerable Web/Mobile/OS Projects – 2018 Update

Testers usually maintain a library of the current and historical operating systems. When testing Microsoft operating systems, Windows XP is used as the reference standard to test vulnerabilities. Although Windows XP will be deprecated in 2014 and no longer supported by Microsoft, it will remain on many networks in servers and workstations as well as embedded in devices such as printers and point-of-sale terminals.

Similarly, the web-based applications can be useful to support enterprise testing as well as specific attacks against web applications.

It seem counterintuitive to the majority of practices that security professionals carry out each day, but most core ideas to create a secure machine are the same as those to create a vulnerable machine.

Following are a list of Working 60+ Vulnerable Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Linux based OS that one can use to learn for their particular interests.

S.No Name Link Type
1 Damn Vulnerable NodeJS Application (DVNA) Web
2 Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) Web
3 Damn Vulnerable Web Sockets (DVWS) Web
4 Damn Vulnerable Web Services (DVWS) Web
5 OWASP Hackademic Challenges Web
6 OWASP Vulnerable Web Applications Directory Project (VWAD) Web
7 Vulnerable App & Attacker App Web
8 Vulnerable Node Web
9 Rails Vulnerable Web
10 Vulnerable Java based Web Application Web
11 WebGoat Web
12 WackoPicko Web
13 The BodgeIt Store Web
14 OWASP Juice Shop Web
15 Hackxor Web
16 OWASP Mutillidae II Web
17 Vulnerable Web Web
18 GameOver Web
19 OWASP Security Shepherd Web
20 PuzzleMall Web
21 OWASP Bricks Web
22 SQLI Labs Web
23 SocketToMe Web
24 SentinelTestbed Web
25 SQL Injection Labs Web
26 Hackazon Web
27 LAMP Security Web
28 Moth Web
29 OWASP Broken Web Applications (BWA) Project Web
30 Magical Code Injection Rainbow (MCIR) Web
31 Web Security Dojo Web
32 OWASP WebGoat .Net Web
33 Stanford SecuriBench Web
34 PentesterLab Web
35 Xtreme Vulnerable Web Application (XVWA) Web
36 VulnApp Web
37 OWASP SiteGenerator Web
38 Hackxor Web
39 The ButterFly – Security Project Web
40 Bwapp web
41 Command injection Test Environment (Commix Testbed) Web
42 CryptOMG Web
43 iPhone Labs Mobile
44 Android Labs Mobile
45 Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA) Mobile
46 Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA) Mobile
47 Damn Vulnerable Android App (DVAA) Mobile
48 OWASP iGoat Mobile
49 OWASP GoatDroid Project Mobile
50 Damn Vulnerable Linux – Virtual Hacking Lab OS
51 Holynix OS
52 Kioptrix OS
53 Metasploitable OS
54 Metasploitable2 OS
55 Goatse Linux OS
56 PwnOS OS
57 HackLAB OS
58 SecGame – Sauron OS
59 The Hacker Games OS
60 Bitnami Application Catalog OS
61 OSBoxes OS
62 VulnHub OS
63 Open Cyber Challenge Platform (OCCP) OS
64 Damn Vulnerable Router Firmware Project (DVRF) Others


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