Windows 10 Shortcuts – 2018 Update

Getting used to using your keyboard exclusively and leaving your mouse behind will make you much more efficient at performing any task on any Windows system.

We use the following keyboard shortcuts every day:

Base Key + Combination Result
+ A Open action center
+ C Launch Cortana Assistant in listening mode
+ S Search with Cortana / launch Cortana
+ I Open SETTINGS app
+ D Minimize or Maximize the current window
+ E Launch Windows file explorer
+ F Open Windows feedback hub
+ G Open the hidden GAME bar
+ H Open dictation , text to speech service
+ K Display to wireless devices and audio devices
+ L Lock the desktop
+ M Minimize everything. Show desktop
+ P Project to external display
+ Q Open Cortana
+ R The traditional RUN command
+ T Switch through the apps on taskbar
+ U Go to Display directly in Settings app
+ W Open Windows INK work space
+ X Power menu
+ CTRL + D Add virtual desktop
+ CTRL + Right Arrow Switch to virtual desktop on right
+ CTRL + Left arrow Switch,to virtual desktop on left
+ CTRL + F4 Close,current virtual desktop
+ TAB Open,task view
+ ALT + TAB Also,opens task view
+ Left Arrow Arrange,current window to left edge of screen
+ Right Arrow Arrange,current window to right edge of screen
+ Up Arrow Arrange,current window to top of screen
+ Down Arrow Arrange,current window to bottom of screen
+ Down Arrow (Twice) Minimize,current window
+ Space bar Change input language (if installed)
Shortcuts using SHIFT keys
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste without formatting the text
Ctrl + Shift + N Create New Folder
Ctrl + Shift + E Expand left navigation tree in Windows file explorer
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open task manager
Ctrl + Shift + Click task bar icon of app Opens app as Administrator
Left Shift + Left Alt + Num Lock Turn on or off mouse keys
Shift + Delete Delete files permanantely without sending to recycle bin
Shift + F10 Open right click context menu of selected item
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