Protect WordPress Admin Directory – HTTP Authentication

Hacking the WordPress Core can make it very difficult to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. Keeping WordPress current is an important step in overall web site security. If any security vulnerability is discovered a patch is typically released very... Read more

SQL Injection Prevention – A Practical Approach

SQL injection is a technique, used to attack data-driven applications. Using this method, hackers will try to execute their SQL statements within your application and access your database data. Here is an example SQL injection. Let’s consider you have a... Read more

Types of Malware – Minimal Guide

Malware is unfortunately far too common to ignore or be unaware of in this day and age. So this article should hopefully remedy some of the common questions. We guess the first one should be “What is Malware?“ Well malware... Read more

Useful Commands while performing Local Enumeration in UNIX

Enumeration is defined as the process of extracting user names, machine names, network resources, shares and services from a system. In this phase, the attacker creates an active connection to the system and performs directed queries to gain more information... Read more

CTF – Billu B0x – Walkthrough step by step

Billu:B0x VM is created by one of the most popular Indian Ethical Hacker named as “Manish Kishan Tanwar” (a.k.a Indishell Hacker) who has created so many web shells in PHP language hosted at Download VM Link –,188/ The very... Read more

PHP – Minimal Guide for Beginners

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language especially suited for Web development. It is open-source and can be deployed on all major operating systems and web servers free of charge. It is imperative, reflective and supports object-oriented programming. Basic Syntax Similarities with... Read more

Computer Printer MCQ With Answers – 25 Set

1. What are the two types of paper feeder mechanisms? A. Continuous tractor feed B. Continuous form feed C. Friction feed D. Injected 2. What type of printer is most likely to use a continuous form feeder? A. Laser printer... Read more

Important UNIX Files and their Permissions

Early Unix systems were mainly commercial commodities like most software for sale; to run the operating system, you generally had to pay for that right. In 1984 an engineer named Richard Stallman began work on the GNU Project, which was an effort... Read more

Live Detection and Exploitation of WordPress xmlrpc.php File

Being as popular cms, it is no surprise that WordPress is often always under attack. Some 70% of Techno’s top 100 blogs are using WordPress as a Content Management System. XML-RPC on WordPress is actually an API (Application program interface),... Read more

Installation and Configuration of Free SSL –

Many aspects of our lives rely on the Internet and computers, including communications (email, cell phones, texting), transportation (traffic control signals, car engine systems, airplane navigation), government (birth/death records, social security, licensing, tax records), finance (bank accounts, loans, electronic paychecks),... Read more

Palo Alto (PAN-OS) Exploitation CVE-2017-15944 – Live Demonstration

Last year, a critical remote code execution vulnerability was found in Palo Alto Network Firewalls by Philip Pettersson. Palo Alto Network Firewalls has a component called as PAN-OS whose versions 6.1.18, 7.0.18, 7.1.13, 8.0.5 and earlier versions are core affected... Read more

PHP Error Reporting – Minimal Guide

Error reporting is a good thing, right? It gives you valuable insight into why your application failed. It gives you useful information such as what happened and where it happened. This information is essential in order to fix the bug.... Read more

Adding a third party Module into Metasploit Framework

As we all knows, Metasploit Framework is one of the most popular exploitation framework. Often new modules and exploits are always developed for Metasploit on time to time by hackers and security researchers, but all are not included in base... Read more

30 Most Common Networking Interview Questions

Computer Networking Questions which we mentioned here in below article will definitely helps you to crack all kind of technical Interviews. Question 1: What is an Internet service provider? Answer: Internet service providers (ISPs) provide the gateway to the Internet... Read more

The Windows Registry – Minimal Guide

The Windows Registry is a database where all the information about a computer is stored. The Registry is used to store: Operating system configuration Application configuration information Hardware configuration information User security information Current user information Everything from installed applications and... Read more

Basic Understanding of UNIX File System

File systems in the UNIX family have never been very well organized. Various incompatible naming conventions are used simultaneously, and different types of files are scattered randomly around the namespace. In many cases, files are divided by function and not... Read more

Basics of Web – Minimal Guide

Hosting a web site isn’t substantially different from providing any other network service. A daemon listens for connections on TCP port 80 (the HTTP standard), accepts requests for documents, and transmits them to the requesting user’s browser. Many of these... Read more

Importance of keywords in SEO

SEO Keywords are very important for web content which enables people to find your website through search engines. The good website which generates high traffic are well optimized for search engines , the SEO keywords help to connect searchers to... Read more

Microsoft + 33 Other Companies Join hands to fight Cyber Attacks – Cyber Security Tech Accord

Microsoft join hands with other 34 global leading tech companies like Facebook, Google, Dell etc to fight with Cyber Attacks. We can’t deny that, cyber attacks are increasing day by day. Cyber Criminals interested in making money through fraud or... Read more

[PHP] IF-ELSE Statement – A new way around

Writing PHP applications is pretty easy. Most people grasp the syntax rather quickly and will within short time be able to produce a script that works using tutorials, references, books, and blogs like the one we have here at The problem... Read more