7 Stunning WordPress Themes for Mommy Bloggers

Are you a mom wishing to offer advice on everything from raising kids, cooking healthy meals, to changing diapers? Then why not start a WordPress website? You’ll be in good company. According to eMarketer, more than 4 million moms write a blog while close to 20 million read one at least once a week.

So, besides having many companions, you’ll also have a ready audience. But there’s a catch. To capture readers’ attention, your site must be visually-stunning. And for that, you need WordPress themes, such as the 7 listed below.

1. Estelle

The most feminine theme on this list, Estelle creates a casual blog reminiscent of a women’s magazine. At the top, it creates a playful fashion logo, and at the sides and bottom, it adds a sidebar full of widgets. And there’s more. The sidebar also includes a short personal profile, giving you more space for writing and high-resolution images on the main page.

2. GreatMag

Want to create an online magazine? That’s what the predominantly-visual GreatMag theme helps you to do. For instance, features large images and customizable fonts with an in-built translator. And like a real magazine, it has advertisement space to help you make an extra buck or two. Finally, it comes with social media buttons and a news feed, so your audience never misses the latest issue.

3. Writers

The name says it all. This theme is meant for anyone interested in writing. As a result, it features a minimalist style that frees up as much of a page as it can. This way, readers focus on your writing and nothing else. And to make it even easier to find an article, the theme incorporates a search bar and loads pages quickly. In addition, it has in-built SEO to draw more readers to your site.

4. Bethlehem

Are you a spiritual person, a pastor, or a pastor’s wife. Then the aptly-named Bethlehem theme is for you. As its name suggests, it’s tailor-made for online ministry. Among other things it has a sermons page and a ministries manager. There’s even a donations page if you want financial support for your work. And, if you need church themes for WordPress like this one, more are available online.

5. Flash

A free theme designed for the business-minded, Flash creates professional, business websites. Want to showcase a portfolio of your work? Need a Service or About Us page? And what about a call to action button? Or, a Testimonials page? Want them, too? Flash creates them all and its counter even shows you how many visitors you’ve had.

6. Shopera

Do you run a business from home? How then do you integrate your business and your blog? An online store theme, such as Shopera, holds the answer. With it, create an online store compatible with eCommerce platforms and featuring a customizable logo. It even comes with breadcrumb navigation to show shoppers where they’re on the site without looking at the page address.

7. Pictorico

Despite its playful name, Pictorico makes professional portfolio websites, but with an interesting twist. Unlike most portfolio themes, which leave a space between thumbnails, Pictorico leaves none, so visitors view as many images as possible. And on mobile devices, this image grid disappears for better viewing. However, the theme leaves space at the top for a small logo and menu bar.

Blogging lets you share your expertise with, or sell your products to the world. But to get your audience hooked, you first need to make a visually-stunning website. Fortunately, many WordPress themes for just that purpose exist. All you need to do is choose one.

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