How to Secure your Android Phone – Must See

In this article, I’ll explain all the security steps for your android device through you can easily secure your android phone by implementing below steps which are as follows –

1. Lock Security –
Enable “Lock SIM Card” which will be found under Settings-> Personal-> Security-> Setup a SIM Card Lock. With the help of this security, you can apply a PIN Password to your SIM Card means each time you TURN On your phone, it will ask first PIN Password, With Entering any PIN, no phone calls can be made. After all You can also setup “SCREEN LOCK” which will be found under same as above, You can easily set a 4 Digit PIN Password, Screen Pattern Lock, Normal Password, Some devices have Fingerprint Password option. By applying these two things, you can also set a Security Lock Timer in which your phone will automatically be locked after a certain time.

2. Software Updates –
To more security, your device software should be updated to latest version, There are mainly two types of updates that every phone needs
a) Device Software (It can be done via Settings -> About Phone -> Updates -> Check For Updates)
b) Apps Updates (You can update your all apps through PLAY STORE, from side Menu)

Important Note – While Updating your device software, make sure you have good Internet Connection instead of Mobile Connection.

3. Caller Identity –
If you want to hide your caller ID then you can easily HIDE your Caller ID number by going through Phone Dialer -> Settings -> Additional Settings -> Caller ID -> HIDE Number

4. Network Settings –
If you are not using any WiFi or Bluetooth then these two options should be TURNED OFF, Along with Your Hotspot Settings are also switched off.

5. Location Settings –
Your Wireless and GPS Location should be turned off if you are not using, it is very important not have these services running in background as it reduces the risk of Location tracking and actually saves your phone battery power.

6. Device Encryption –
If you are using Android Version 4.0 or New, then your “Device Encryption” settings must be Turned ON. This can be done via Settings -> Personal- -> Security -> Encryption.

Before applying this security, make sure that your phone is fully charged and plugged into a power source.


Besides these, there are so many APPS which you can download and install for better security

  1. APG – Which will encrypt and decrypt your files and emails.
  2. Chatsecure – IM App which uses OTR encryption mechanisms.
  3. k-9 Mail and APG – Its a mail client which integrates with APG for sending and receiving encrypting emails.
  4. KeePassDroid – Secure and Easy to use Password Management Tool
  5. TextSecure – Through which you can send/receive Encrypted Text messages over WIFI and Mobile Internet.


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